The Power of Nature…

Nature is quite literally all around us and yet how often do we take the time to stop and appreciate it?

I have found nature to be the most organic and natural anti-depressant. It bestows a happiness that cannot be found in the latest technological devices that I believe only provide instant gratification. When was the last time you felt unhappy walking along a beach, hiking through a lush landscape or listening to the rain fall while you snuggle up in bed? Nature, just like happiness, is not something we need to seek. It is here for us to explore, enjoy and appreciate.

I work in an office that overlooks a beautiful park with the most picturesque views  and yet I find myself engrossed on my computer, sending out emails with my back to the window. I understand that we all have obligations, duties and jobs but all it takes is 5 minutes to incorporate some of that wonderful nature into our day. On your next lunch break, take the scenic route to your favourite café and literally stop to smell the roses along the way. On your next unplanned weekend, take a drive to a beach or lake, kick off your shoes and feel the cool water hug your feet. The next time it rains, try not to perceive it as a nuisance and rather view it as a beautiful miracle. And before you go to sleep at night, plug in your headphones and listen to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore so you can visualise a relaxing summer’s day.

By connecting with nature every single day, we remain humble by the world around us. A couple of week’s ago in my yoga teacher training, we learnt the purpose of a Sun Salutation. Traditionally, yogi’s would practice facing east as the sun rose and would literally salute the sun as a way of acknowledging that the fiery star is so much bigger than we all are. Not just literally, but spiritually. All of nature is not only to be respected and appreciated but also revered. Every night before my partner and I go to sleep we pull back the curtains and gaze at the stars. We marvel at the vastness of our universe and how every single tree, star, rock, plant and animal serves a purpose that keeps our world spinning. We, as humans, must also serve a purpose and that is to love and care for the wonderful world around us.

The next time you are feeling unhappy, take a walk outside, stare up at the stars or listen to sounds of nature. You will find peace and love there…

Namaste xoxoxo


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    1. Thank you! The photo of me at the bottom is at the Grand Canyon and the one at the top is called 1,000 Steps in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne:)

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