Mystical Mandalas

‘Mandalas help us access a deeper creative source that goes beyond logic and order into mystery, creativity and intuition.’

Mandalas are so much more than colourful spheres, works of art or alluring patterns. Translated in Sanskrit, Mandala means ‘circle’ and represents wholeness. Originating in India, the Hindus were the first to utilise Mandalas as a spiritual tool and a way to connect with our higher consciousness. It was said that by looking into a Mandala, one could become one with universe. Those that create their own Mandalas use them symbolically to represent their journey through life. If you look into a Mandala, you will notice it is never-ending which correlates with the Hindu/Buddhist beliefs that we have more than one existence and are reincarnated once the physical body dies.

Buddhists use Mandalas for meditation purposes. In Tratak Meditation, one gazes at a candle flame for several minutes before closing their eyes. Once the eyes are closed, the candle flame continues to burn brightly in the mind’s eye and remains a strong point of focus. The same method can be used with Mandalas. Just by gazing at these cosmic diagrams, you can absorb the beautiful colours and patterns when the eyes begin to close. When the mind begins to wander, bring it back to the Mandala. You can come away from a Mandala Meditation with different emotions and feelings depending on which one you chose to focus on. You can even create your own!

I was given the Mystical Mandala Colouring Book by Alberta Hutchinson from a dear friend. She showed me how to express myself through the meditative activity of colouring in the mandalas according to what was in my heart at the time.

Mandala Colouring Book

Mandala Book

Here is a quick list of what the colours mean if you choose to create your own Mandala or use a colouring book like I do:

Red signifies strength and passion

Pink signifies love and intuition

Orange signifies creativty and transformation

Yellow signifies learning and happiness

Green signifies nature and caring

Blue signifies emotional healing and inner peace

Purple signifies all things spiritual

White signifies spiritual focus much like the Crown Chakra, Sahasrana

Black signifies mystery and deep thinking

I took a walk this morning with my Mandala Book and captured some images of my personal favourite creations and what they mean to me!









My Hippie Heart

My Hippie Heart

Ahimsa – Non Violence To All Beings

Ahimsa - Non Violence Toward All Beings

Free Spirit

Free Spirit

My Personal Favourite – The Gemini Arch Angel ‘Ambriel’


You can find so many Mandala Colouring Books on Book Depository or if you’re the artistic type – draw your own and let it symbolise your voyage through life. You can decorate your home with them or use them as tools for meditation. Find the deeper meaning and look beyond the circle…

Peace and Love xoxo

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2 thoughts

  1. Such beautiful colours! It must have been a meditative time to colouring in the mandalas in the colouring book. There’s always the decision of what colours we choose but I suppose that will depend on how we are feeling and what colour strikes your fancy when you open up to a page to colour 🙂

    Mandalas isn’t something I know too well. Funny thing is, my parents call themselves Buddhists – they don’t really follow a religion but a story for another day – and have never mentioned or talked about mandalas in our household. In Malaysia, many Malaysians don’t associate this symbol with hippie or boho, rather with those of Indian heritage.

    On the subject of colouring: I’m planning and writing down ideas of my first book in a notebook. And to keep things fresh I’ve decided to doodle in it with pictures and colour them in with a colourful inked pen. I’m finding that I’m using the colour purple a lot, while green and black the least <3

    1. Thank you lovely Mabel!! It’s so peaceful and relaxing using colours and expressing myself! It just goes to show you are never told old to have a colouring book! 😄😂 I would love to hear more about your Buddhist parents and their beliefs! Your notebook sounds awesome and I can’t wait to hear all about your book! It’s so incredibly exciting! I love Blue, it has always been my favourite colour and always will! 💙💙💙💙

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