The Natural Treasures Of South-East Asia – Photo Diary

Hi there!

I know I’ve already done a Vegan Travel Post but I wanted to share with you some brilliant photography that was taken during our trip by my insanely talented fiancé Francis. He has been updating his Instagram daily with beautiful imagery so if you would like to see more please follow him @expr3ssion.

Cambodia & in particular Vietnam is a very special place for us as it is where we got engaged so we will always look back on this lovely country with fond memories. I hope you enjoy!

Lotus Flower
Beautiful Lotus Flower
Rice Fields
The vast Rice Fields of Mekong
Chilli Seedlings
Planting Chilli Seedlings
Pink Flowers
The Gardens of Hanoi
Mekong Delta Boat
Travelling down the Mekong Delta (our place of engagement!)
Up Close Bug
Even though insects terrify me, I love this image!
Boat Travellers
Transporting Goods
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly
Prayer Flags Temple
Tibetan Beauty
Perfume Pagoda Cave
The Perfume Pagoda Cave
Green Ha Long
Ha Long Bay Paradise
Hole In Wall
Lush Greenery
Sunset Water
Top Deck View
Dau Go Cave Colours
Cambodian Fields
Cambodian Fields
Okay I took this photo but I had to share it because it was captured at such a perfect time!
Angkor Wat
The Majestic Angkor Wat
Ta Phrom
Magical Ta Prohm (where Tomb Raider was filmed)
Mirror Hallway
Illusory Mirrored Hallways
Bayon Temple
Bayon Temple
Stairway to Heaven
Stairway To Heaven?
Kbal Spein
The Kbal Spean Falls
Amazing Print
Banteray Sei
Banteay Srei
Wall Carvings
Wall Carvings
Trio Temples

I hope you enjoyed these images! Obviously there were so many more taken but these were my absolute favourites!

“The Earth Is Art, The Photographer Is Merely A Witness”

Peace & Love xoxox

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  1. Such beautiful shots by Francis (and of course, the one by you of the family)! Really like the gardens of Hanoi one, and the Ha Long Bay paradise one – that is an amazing green reflection. Wowwww, my eyes 😀 Your fiance is such a great photographer 🙂

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