We Make Our Own Luck…

‘The secret to having it all is knowing you already do…’

I am a big believer in fate & you will never hear me use the word ‘coincidence’ but I do believe that we make our own luck through the process of self-love.

When we love ourselves, our choices, actions & attitudes change dramatically. In fact, luck has nothing to do with it! A person with a secure relationship, friends, health, money, travel & happiness in their life attains such things because they know their own self-worth. Think about it! A person with high self-esteem would not choose a partner that treats them horribly. The two don’t correlate! Once we begin to love ourselves, the decisions we make become pure, from the heart and in our best interests. All of a sudden, we are either happily single or taken. The job that we hated for so long is a distant memory & we are working towards a career that we’ve always dreamed about. Our health improves significantly as self-love also equates to physical & mental care. The ‘friends’ that used to drain and take advantage of us are no longer in the picture.

You may think someone is lucky (and yes they may be incredibly fortunate when it comes to spontaneous things like winning money) but most of their luck is self-made. They have those things because they worked towards them…all the while knowing & believing they were incredibly deserving. Each and every one of us can be just as lucky if we look inwards, confront our inner demons with compassion and begin to love ourselves unconditionally. It starts with knowing your self-worth. You don’t just think but know you are better than the boring, repetitive office job you complain about. You know you are better than the body you abuse with alcohol, cigarette smoke & junk food. You know you are better than the guy/girl who constantly makes you feel bad about who you are. You know you are worth more than the friends that talk about themselves the entire time you’re with them.

I’m not saying you get self-love and ‘poof’ you get your dream job & body but you value yourself enough to start a journey that works towards a blessed life. You may still be stuck in an office job but a fire is lit up inside you because you’ve secretly begun a massage therapy course on the side. You may still not be happy with your appearance but you’re excited because you’ve signed up to an excellent gym. You may not meet your Prince Charming the next day but you also know you won’t settle for less and that keeps you smiling and empowered. Luck begins and ends with you as does self-love. You are already beautiful, unique & special but if you want a life that fills you with gratitude and happiness every single day, you have to be willing to find what sets your soul on fire and go there, no matter how long the journey takes!

In my own personal journey towards self-love, one author gave me the tools & insight I needed to move away from the things that were no longer serving me. Her name is Christine Arylo and she is the author of Madly in Love with Me, Choosing Me before We & Reform Your Inner Mean Girl.


I am the proud owner of all three books & will never forget all the different things each one taught me. Madly in Love with Me focuses purely on falling in love with yourself every single day. It is filled with activities and a ‘Self-Love Tree’ that shows which branches need strengthening and which ones are already pretty sturdy.


Choosing Me before We focuses purely on your relationships and how you cannot have a healthy ‘We’ until you have a healthy ‘Me.’ This book is perfect for girls who continue to date men that aren’t right for them & are the type to settle for second best.


Reform Your Inner Mean Girl is Christine’s latest book which she co-wrote with Life Coach Amy Ahlers. It focuses on the voices in our heads that tell us we aren’t good enough. Once we discover who our Inner Mean Girl is, we are able to transform her into our Inner Wisdom Guide.

If you’re struggling with self-love and need the motivation, I recommend you read all three books.

We all have the ability to create a life that feels lucky especially when it comes to the things we can control like the company we keep or the way we feel in our own skin. We all deserve to live our dreams. We all deserve to feel happy when we look in the mirror. We all deserve to love and be loved. Luck is not something that just happens to you, it is something you manifest from the inside out. It’s incredible how much life begins to change once you nourish your heart and soul with peace and love…




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  1. Such an uplifting post about self love. I love it. Positive vibes all round. Agree with you that self-love and happiness is self-generated. It is a choice. Like you, I’m a believer of fate and the whole notion of the stars aligning. Every thing happens for a reason, and often there is more than one way to look at a situation.

    Earlier this year I was not happy at all in a job. I was so miserable going to the office every day, and coming back home I would still feel terrible because, well, tomorrow would be a repeat of it. Then I decided to leave the job, knowing that there is no guarantee a job will come my way soon. But in the months after leaving the job, I felt so positive and wrote great blog posts and did a first draft of my book 🙂 <3

    1. Mabel positive vibes all around! I’m so glad you liked this article and it sounds like you have plenty of self-love leaving a job that was making you miserable. Listening to your heart and following your dreams, that is the path of self-love and I can see you have that just by writing your book and blog! Much love! X

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