Spring Cleaning For The Soul!

‘Happiness is a place between too little and too much.’ 

In the Southern Hemisphere, Spring has finally arrived! The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, the plants are blooming & we all have the itch. No, I don’t mean the Hay Fever itch (although unfortunately I do suffer from allergies during this season). I mean the Spring Cleaning itch! The urge to declutter, open the windows, let the air in and begin cultivating the new as we let go of things that are no longer serving us. My friend at work told me that on the weekend all she wanted to do was sort through some of her stuff and make room in her house. This is the seasonal itch I’m talking about!

To be perfectly honest, I Spring Clean all year long and used to think this tendency to constantly clear out all of my belongings was an obsessive behaviour but the more I reflect on it, I liken myself to a snake (My Chinese Astrological Sign). Bear with me as I explain this analogy! Similar to a reptile, a lot of us feel the need to metaphorically shed our skins every few weeks. We feel the weight of our emotions, thoughts and even our possessions bearing down on us. It is evident that humans are creatures of change. We are constantly updating our appearance, wardrobe, jobs and even the company we keep.


Of course with all things in life, a balance is healthy, but it is perfectly normal to want to minimise as the less we have, the happier we seem to be. Too much of anything (aside from peace and love) can cause stress in the body. The remedy is to release. As we inhale, we accumulate oxygen into the body. As we exhale, we release it into the world. There is nothing wrong with having possessions but as we receive we must also give back.

Every month, I go through my wardrobe and clear out the clothes/shoes/accessories that I no longer wear and donate them to charity. I recycle expired foods and beauty products. The entire apartment is aired out and aromatherapy oils/incense are burned to purify the space. I even like to drive a different way to work just to mix things up! There is something so therapeutic about the cycle of deletion and starting again. When Spring comes around, it gives us the permission to move forward and not look back. The symbolism of flowers in bloom resonates within all of us to open up and receive the sun after a cold, dark Winter. Just like the snake, we can shed our baggage and start anew. We can cultivate a new awareness, a new perspective and a new purpose.

Try this simple meditative exercise: take a moment to sit or lie in the grass. Close your eyes and feel your chest rise and fall as you breathe in and out. Listen to the sounds of nature taking place around you. Take a mental scan of your body. Are there any areas of tension and tightness? Are you hoarding possessions, negative thoughts & draining emotions? Visualise those things melting away in the warm sun, leaving you light and free. Gently open your eyes, utter a prayer of gratitude or personal mantra and then get cleaning!

You can make it into a fun activity that exudes self-love. Turn on some music, open the windows, let the sunlight stream in and dance as you clear your closet, rearrange your home and invite space into your mind and heart. You might make a big life decision regarding your job, health regime or a person that causes you unhappiness. You may cut the weeds in your garden and plant some baby seedlings. Spring Cleaning might even mean a literal clean! Housework is not high on the list of enjoyable things to do but what better feeling is there than going to bed with fresh sheets? How nice is it to strip your toes of cracked nail polish and apply a fresh coat? There is even a sense of satisfaction when we wash our cars after a long time. It gleams in the sun, devoid of the grime that was covering it before.  Whatever the case, Spring Cleaning is healthy for the soul. It simplifies and lightens the load.

Spring is a time of rebirth, growth and change. Look around you. Look within you. What can you let go of? What can you make space for? Allow yourself to be free…


Peace and Love xoxox

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  1. “Spring is a time of rebirth, growth and change. Look around you. Look within you. What can you let go of? What can you make space for? Allow yourself to be free…” Agree, I love the free space, free heart and mind. Being clutter free, saves time, energy and money + environment! 🙂

  2. Such an uplifting post, Bec. Timely, too. Just over last weekend, I had no plans and decided to spend my time cleaning and packing my room – cleaning and wiping my desk and shelves after months of not doing so, and keeping away things that I had lying around. And on Sunday night it was so refreshing to see my room much more empty and the desk and shelves having a smooth, reflective sheen on them. And my stuffed monkey Mr Wobbles looked so happy lying on the clutter-free carpet. I also felt productive 🙂

    “! There is something so therapeutic about the cycle of deletion and starting again…it gives us the permission to move forward and not look back.” Such a great line. Cleaning out the old and making room for the fresh and new often reminds us to not get too attached to too many material possessions. I suppose once they have served their purpose, it is time to move on and rediscover the things that truly matter to us <3

    1. Thank you for your lovely words and support Mabel! I’m so glad Mr Wobbles has a clean space to lounge about and enjoy! I always find decluttering therapeutic and as you said productive! A clean space also equates to a clean mind so you can work on your book in a fresh tidy place! Looking forward to hearing more about it and hopefully seeing you soon!

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