My Bucket List

‘The trouble is, you think you have the time…’ – Buddha 

As 2015 slowly comes to an end and 2016 approaches, people worldwide are coming up with resolutions on how to better themselves come the New Year. Some resolve to lose more weight, save more money or even find love. We view the first day of January as a blank slate that has been wiped clean. It is an opportunity to start over and leave an old year behind along with any bad habits or mistakes made.

What a lot of us seem to forget is that January 1st is really just another day. Without the human race, the concept of time wouldn’t exist nor would the organisation of days, weeks, months and years. There are so many useful, positive reasons for recording time in this manner but it can also bring a lot of pressure. If we don’t meet our resolutions in 2016, we may feel like failures. On the other hand, they are motivating tools for self-development provided we work on them and not allow them to chip away at our self-esteem when things don’t always go according to plan.

It is admirable to want to lose weight in the New Year but what about loving and nourishing your body right now? I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. For me, New Year’s is just another day. Every single day is a gift and an opportunity to live life authentically. We don’t need to wait to begin loving and caring for ourselves…we can begin today!

There are a billion things I want to do before I die but they aren’t specific things like: ‘go skydiving’ or ‘have 3 kids by 35.’ My dreams are more broad:


I want to travel as much as I can and I don’t care where that is.

I want to have a family and be a mother.

I want to write, read, walk, run and spend hours in nature.

I want to care for my body and mind until my last breath.

I want Francis to feel loved every single day.

I want to nurture my friendships and laugh until I cannot breathe.

I want to continue fighting the good fight for animal equality and creating beautiful whole, plant-based meals from the Earth.

I want to inspire others and be inspired by every person I meet.

I want to always be surrounded by family and loved ones.

I want to wake up in a foreign land.

I want to look up at the stars and marvel at the universe.

I want to breathe in the air of the forest.

I want to dance without feeling self-conscious.

I want a garden to nurture.

I want to hold my newborn in my arms and feel unconditional love.

I want to dip my toes in the water and wear flowers in my hair.

I want to tell stories and hear them.

I want to give without any intention of receiving.

I want a long, happy, healthy marriage.

I want to sing my heart out even though I’m tone deaf.

I want to cry with happiness and cry with sadness.

I want to create art from nothing.

I want to help in any way that I can.

I want to make memories that will last forever.

I want to be kind above all else.

I want to learn something new every single day.

I want to meditate and practice yoga.

I want to experience other cultures and ways of living.

I want my children to see how magical our planet can be.

I want to feel every single moment that life has to offer me and not take any of it for granted.

This is my Bucket List and it begins right now…What’s yours?


Peace & Love xoxox

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  1. Happy New Year, Bec! It sounds like you have a lot to live for by appreciating the simple things in life. Appreciate what we have, live in the now, and live in the moment and then we will come to be content with life as it happens around us.

    I don’t have much goals or bucket lists for next year. The main thing is I want to put health first and eat more healthy – I have been eating so many bad foods over the last couple of months (…and cheeky Mr Wobbles approves)! And also to read more and take the time to explore the world around me 🙂 <3

    1. Hi Mabel! Happy New Year to you as well!! It’s all about the little things in life and being present as you said 🙂 eating healthy is always a great goal and I’m sure cheeky Mr Wobbles is going to tempt you with junk food along the way haha! I too want to read a lot more! I hope my New Year involves a lot more of you in it 🙂 <3

      1. Being present is always easier said than done. But I suppose it’s a matter of slowing down and stop rushing, stop stressing. Hope to catch up with you soon. Mr Wobbles is looking forward to it 😀

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