Wonderful Watermelon!

Hi all!

Today’s blog is a little bit different…in fact it’s more of an appreciation post for one of my favourite fruits in the whole world: WATERMELON

At the start of 2016, I was hit with a high fever. I would wake up hot, dry and with very little appetite. All I felt like eating was Watermelon. Francis would chop it up for me and I would eat it until I was cool, refreshed and hydrated (which is a must at all times but especially during illness). It actually helped bring my temperature down and ensured I was consuming enough water in the morning before I would guzzle it from a bottle for the rest of the day.

Each bite of a watermelon consists of 92% water and the rest natural sugars so it’s incredibly low in calories. Make sure you eat a whole one for breakfast in order to satiate hunger. It was perfect for me because I had no desire to eat and needed to cool down quickly.

The best way to eat watermelon is to top it with passionfruit!

Not only is it the most hydrating fruit in the world, it’s also the fastest digesting food and therefore should be eaten on it’s own. If you eat Watermelon with anything else, it will digest at different rates and this can cause bloating, cramping and discomfort. Eat your Watermelon first thing and allow it to pass through before your next meal.


Watermelon Bowls!

Lastly, I want to share my quick and easy recipe for a Watermelon Summer Slushie: 

– 1 Watermelon chopped into chunks

– 5-6 Ice Cubes

– 1tsp Coconut Sugar

– 2-3 drops of SweetLeaf Peppermint Stevia Drops

Blend & Enjoy!

You can also use mint or lime!

What is your favourite fruit? HAPPY SUMMER!

Peace & Love xox

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  1. I love watermelon! When I lived in Malaysia and Singapore, I would eat it all the time. It really has a great cooling effect on the body. Didn’t know that it might cause bloating when eaten with other foods together, and will keep that in mind. Aside from watermelon, I like eating banana. However, recently I went through a phase of not eating that and I find that I feel less bloated 😀 I also like strawberries and cherries too <3

    Another lovely post, Bec. Hope you are feeling better! This slushie looks delicious. Looks perfect for summer <3

    1. Hi Mabel! Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit! Bananas are great too, make sure you eat them when they are ripe and spotty otherwise they do cause bloating. I also love strawberries and cherries! Fruit in general is the best! x

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