January Favourites 2016!

Hi all!

Welcome to a new segment of my blog this year where I review at the end of each month…my favourites! This could be a great book I read, a food I fell in love with, an item of clothing I couldn’t stop wearing, a place I discovered, a song I had on repeat and more!

Please Note: I am not being sponsored by these companies to endorse their products, I just love them and want to share. I promise to provide any links to my recommendations and if you have any questions about what I list each month, do not hesitate to ask! Let’s do this!


1.) Beauty Product – Eco Tan Natural Coconut (Tinted) Sunscreen 


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This is my favourite summer beauty product! It is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free! It smells like coconut heaven and it’s for a natural skin tone so you don’t resemble an orange after application. I really like using it on my face and body as a tinted moisturiser, light tanning cream and for UV protection. The SPF is quite high as well so it lasts nearly all day as well as 3 hours in the water. The best part about it for me is the ingredients. There are absolutely no nasty chemicals, parabens, animal derivatives, alcohol or synthetics. This sunscreen is made with coconut oil, natural zinc oxide, Vitamin E and cucumber extract. It works just as well as a sunscreen you would buy in the store so why use harmful products that test on animals? There is no need! EcoTan has so many other great products as well.

2.) Vegan Food – Zebra’s Dream Organic ‘Salted Caramel’ Coconut Ice Cream 

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What is summer without ice cream right? Of course I’m talking about the Dairy Free kind! Zebra’s Dream is made from coconut milk and has so many yummy, decadent flavours. My favourite is the Salted Caramel which melts in your mouth and is so gooey good! Click under the picture to read more about this amazing company. It may not be the healthiest but it’s worth every spoonful! Eat it guilt free!

3.) T.V Show – Orphan Black 

I know Season 3 has just ended but Francis and I only just discovered last month the greatness that is Orphan Black. The story follows con-artist Sarah Manning who witnesses her exact double suicide at a train station and decides to steal her identity in order to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend. Sarah soon learns that her new life involves a lot more than she bargained for. I would link a picture or a YouTube clip but to avoid copyright infringement, I recommend you watch a trailer on there to see if it piques your interest!

4.) Clothing – ‘Vegan Vibes’ T-Shirt by In The Soulshine

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I discovered SoulShine last year and really wanted to buy one of their tops. I’m glad I waited until the one above was released as it’s my favourite. I bought it during the Boxing Day Sale and can’t stop wearing it! They sell so many different designs with various positive vegan slogans. It’s my go-to top! Follow them on Instagram @inthesoulshine 

5.) Book – ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ by Jessica Knoll 

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I literally could not put this book down! I flew through it in just 3 days! The one word I would use to describe this book is: dark. Be prepared for an intense story that becomes progressively more sinister and traumatic as it goes along. The protagonist, TifAni FaNelli is a shallow, self-obsessed socialite hell-bent on maintaining what appears to be a perfect life but as the story goes on, she reveals how she became that way and how the events of her past changed her forever. It’s a gripping page-turner with a sassy, blunt narrative. I highly recommend reading this book before the motion picture is released.

Picture not shown – I only had it on my Kindle App!

6.) App – ColorTherapy 

My Zodiac Sign 🙂

Francis and I discovered this app last month and it became very addictive, very quickly! Unfortunately it is only available on Iphone or Ipad but it’s free and very therapeutic. I have a couple of adult colouring books at home but I like that I can take this with me anywhere and still feel the relaxation benefits. You can choose from so many designs, colours and even add meditation music while you create! It’s a good thing to bring on your next long flight or even a road trip!

7.) Song – WILD by Troye Sivan 

I heard this song in a YouTube video I was watching and fell in love with it. It’s a song that will really make you feel and when you watch the film-clip about two young boys in love, it will make you feel even more! It’s beautiful and at the top of my playlist at the moment! Troye Sivan also has a funny YouTube channel about what it’s like to be gay so check it out for a laugh. Please check it out on YouTube or iTunes!

8.) Memory – Best Moment of January 2016

Summer Strawberries!

My favourite memory of January is going fruit picking with my best friend Graham. We went on a mini road-trip to a town called Bacchus Marsh which is filled with different fruit farms. We found one with a giant strawberry field and spent the day picking the ripest, juiciest strawberries (whilst munching on a lot along the way!). It was such a perfect day and a great thing to go and do especially in summer when the variety of fruits is much wider.

I also have to mention that on January 30th, Mum and I went wedding dress shopping. It was so exciting going into different stores and marveling at all of the beautiful designs. I tried on my first ever dress and felt like a princess. Mum cried & I cried, it was a moment haha. I ordered my dress which should arrive mid-March…so excited!

I hope you enjoyed my January favourites! I really love this new segment so I’m going to continue doing it. See you next time for my February favourites!

Peace & Love xoxox

Disclaimer: This post contains links to my Amazon Affiliate which helps fund my blog, I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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  1. I loved this review of your favourite things this month. It sounds like you enjoyed so many things in January, or at least the simple things in life. Hahaha, did you put the ice-cream against your banana shirt? 😀

    It also sounds like strawberry picking was a lot of fun, and that is a very nice shot of you and a big fat juicy strawberry. I went to pick the berries at the end of last year at that place, and they tasted so good. Ate quite a few as I was eating them 😀 Wishing you a good February, Bec, and hope to catch up soon <3

    1. Hi Mabel! I’m glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 there was lots more I could have added but I figured keep the list simple haha. Yes I did! I love the banana shirt! Those were the best strawberries I have ever eaten, so fresh and juicy 🙂 thanks Mabel, you too! Let’s catch up soon xx

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