February Favourites 2016!

Hi all!

Welcome to my February Favourites! This month was honestly such an insanely busy yet productive time for me! I seriously got so much done! Not only did I participate in and complete my ‘I Love Me’ Challenge, I also began teaching yoga, completed my second novel ‘Facing the Stars’ and still blogged once a week! Phew!

Let’s check out all of my February loves:


1.) Book – Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges by Lori Deschene 

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If you haven’t heard of Tiny Buddha yet, head over to their website. Tiny Buddha hosts a collection of inspirational and spiritual stories from people all over the world. If you sign up to their newsletter, they will send you lots of new stories to read every week. I love getting my newsletter on Saturday mornings and reading the ones that inspire me the most. For Christmas, I bought my Mum this book. Every month has a theme (February’s is Compassion & Understanding) and every day there is a new challenge for you to complete. My Mum sends my sister and I the challenge every single morning and we usually report on how we went or what we learnt. These random acts of kindness help strengthen the connection between others and yourself. It is also filled with relevant stories along the way that restore your faith in humanity. Grab a copy and make the world a better place!

2.) Accessories – Phone Cases (Tree of Life & Milky Way) 

Get the one on the left here and the one on the right here

I love both of my phone cases! The one on the left is from Milky Way (link under photo) and I got it for obvious reasons. It’s so adorable! This one is for my personal phone and the one on the right from Tree of Life is for my work phone. Yep I have two phones! Check out Milky Way for heaps of cute phone cases that are super cheap!

3.) Home/Beauty Product – Coconut Room Spray by Tila Candle Co 

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I won this product through a Facebook competition just by commenting and liking the above photo. I don’t normally win things so I was pretty excited when they contacted me. I received the ‘Coconut’ fragrance and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it smells. It arrived whilst I was at work and the girls that sat near me ordered a bottle after I gave it a test spray. The reason I’ve put it under beauty product is because it only contains 3 ingredients: Distilled Water, Fragrance Oil & Polysorbate 20. I am not ashamed to admit I use it as a deodorant sometimes because it lasts all day and smells incredible. It is also 100% vegan and cruelty free.I highly recommend you check out Tila Candle Co. They have so many nice products. I even bought a beautiful glass car diffuser for the car.

4.) Movie – G.B.F 

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I know this came out in 2013 but it’s seriously an underrated movie that not many people know about. I watched it in Feb and loved it! It’s so funny and has a great story! Basically, it’s a teenage comedy about how having a Gay Best Friend (G.B.F) is the latest trend. Watch it for the hilarious dialogue and cool appearances from Sasha Pieterse (PLL), Megan Mullally (Will and Grace) and Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter).

5.) Snack – Coconut Date Rolls 


Coconut Date Rolls are quite possibly my favourite snack of all time and I’m not exaggerating when I say I eat them almost every single day. You can buy them in health-food stores, supermarkets or even make your own! They are so filling and healthy. Plus you can make them in bulk and bring them wherever you go! Simply blend/process pitted Medjool Dates (make sure you’ve soaked them close to an hour) with shredded coconut. Form into balls and roll into more coconut. Enjoy!

6.) YouTuber – HannahChloe

This month I have been a massive Hannah Chloe fan! She’s a really funny, sweet vegan from New Zealand who is currently living and working in Thailand.

Update: Unfortunately after a lot of online drama, she quit social media and no longer has a YouTube channel but she may return someday!

7.) Quote 


This quote is indicative of what self-love truly is. When we are being 100% authentic and honest, we become much happier and whole. This became my personal mantra for February and coincided really well with the ‘I Love Me’ Challenge that I undertook for the entire month. Embrace and love who you are <3 

8.) Memory – Best Moment of February 2016

Facing The Stars Cover Photo (2)

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It was really hard to pick the best moment of February 2016 as so many wonderful and positive things happened. It really was a toss up between teaching yoga for the first time which I wrote about in my previous blog or finishing the sequel to Astrology Pond, Facing the Stars. I have loved the journey of writing this book and the publishing process that I’m currently in the midst of is so much fun. I feel that writing a book is a huge accomplishment so to know I’ll soon be holding my second one fills me with pride 🙂

 So these are my February favourites! I hope you enjoyed and found some cool new things to check out. Stay tuned for the best of March next month! 

Peace & Love xox 

Disclaimer: This post contains links to my Amazon Affiliate which helps fund my blog, I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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  1. So many things you have achieved this month, Bec. Very proud of you and I can feel so much positivity radiating from this post 🙂 Congratulations on finishing your second book. It must be very exciting and I love the cover, and it seems to fit very nicely where the first book ended off. Cannot wait to get it and see you soon <3

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