The ‘I Love Me’ Challenge!

Hi all!

As I mentioned in my ‘Be True to Yourself and Quit Comparing’ post, I wanted to create and complete an ‘I Love Me’ Challenge during the month of February. I have done this because a journey of self-love never ends and it’s important to keep refreshing how amazing you truly are!

I really enjoyed creating this feel-good challenge! It is super easy to do so feel free to try it out yourself on the month of your choice. As I did this in February, I only wrote 29 challenges so you can add one or two of your own to my existing list or create your own as well!

Here is how I went and what I learnt along the way! 

February 1st) Write 5 sentences beginning with ‘I Love You Because…’ 

Stick it somewhere and smile 🙂

If you were asked to list 5 things you love about your best friend, I bet you could rattle them off instantly. But what about listing what you love about yourself? It’s interesting how we have to stop and think. I know I had to! I’ve shared my list in the photo above. For the first day of your self-love challenge, write down what you truly and love admire about yourself. Stick it somewhere you can see and refer to it when you feel negative thoughts creeping in. P.S if you want to write more than 5, go for it!

February 2nd) Practice yoga with the intention of being kind to your body…

My beautiful yoga bag from Francis <3

This morning, at 6am, I practiced yoga at my favourite studio. We are typically asked to set an intention before our class begins so I dedicated it to myself and my body. I promised myself that no matter what poses or sequences we went through, I would listen to my body and respect my anatomical limitations. When I was feeling fatigued halfway through, I took Child’s Pose instead of taking the optional Vinyasa or going into Dolphin. I was much more connected to my body and it kept me present on my mat. I was no longer caring about what everybody else was doing. All that mattered was my movement, my breath and my dedication to the intention I set. Give it a try next time you practice yoga or exercise. Don’t push yourself. Show your body you love and respect it by listening to what it needs…

February 3rd) Sing a song as loud as you can with all of your heart…

Studies have shown that belting out a song you love releases endorphins and can lift your mood. Pick a song that makes you feel something and sing as loud as you can with as much passion as you can. My go-to song is More Than Useless by Relient K. I discovered it when I was at University and it basically became my personal anthem. I relate to the lyrics and put it on whenever I feel blue. I turned it up super loud driving to work this morning and let loose! It was so therapeutic!

February 4th) Colour in a Mandala that represents your spirit… 


I picked this Mandala to represent my spirit for several reasons. Firstly, the flower blooming in the centre is my openness to life, love and adventure. Secondly, not all of the colours match and that relates to my quality of loving a bit of everything. My passions are yoga, writing, astrology, reading, traveling, veganism and more. I’m not just one colour and I am not just one passion. Thirdly, I used different shades of blue to bring out my kindness, peaceful nature and depth. It may not look perfect but it’s me 🙂  Take the time to select a drawing that speaks to you and use the colours mindfully to express the deeper parts of who you are. It’s a great way to connect with yourself.

February 5th) Meditate for 30 minutes…

There is no path to peace, peace is the path…

After work, I stayed at my Mum’s because we had to get up early the next day to go to Edgar’s Mission. I love staying at her place, walking and talking around the lake and sitting outside in her garden. I deepened my practice that evening before bed by sitting in stillness for 30 minutes instead of the usual 10-15. It was peaceful lying in my old blue bedroom, listening to my Dream App and letting my muscles relax. If 30 minutes seems too long, start off with 5, build up to 10 and increase it from there. You can listen to music or meditate in complete silence. You can sit up or lie down. Do what works for you and reap the benefits.

February 6th) Drive to your happy place… 

Mum & Lemonade the Lamb <3

I say it all the time but Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary is 100% my happy place. I was so excited to go back again with  Mum who loves the organisation as well. We had so much fun playing with and feeding the animals. Whenever I’m there, I feel so calm and happy. You can see the amount of love and care that goes into making EM what it is. It is so heart-warming seeing the animals free, relaxed and full of trust. If you decide to do this challenge, I urge you to drive or make some sort of effort to get to your happy place. I know a lot of us feel our room or bed is our refuge and that’s fine but put that aside just for today and go outside to reach your spot of peace. This could be a private beach, a forest, the home-town you grew up in, a place where you met your significant other etc. When you arrive, be present and reflect on why this place makes you so happy. Remember it is always there for you to come back to…

February 7th) Clean out your wardrobe…

If you buy one of these canvas bags from Ishka, the proceeds go to the charity ‘Bali Children.’

I don’t know about you but I feel so good whenever I clean out my closet and donate bags and bags of old clothes to charity. Today I did just that! I filled my giant canvas bag (pictured) plus another one with clothes, shoes and accessories. Basically, whatever I hadn’t worn in the last couple of months was tossed. I was hanging on to so many things I didn’t need! I’ve been really interested in transitioning to a life of minimalism and no longer spending money on random stuff. By lunch, my bags were full and my closet much more spacious. By decluttering your personal space, you can open your life up to a world of abundance. If you don’t need it, donate it! You will be amazed at how much you let go!

February 8th) Treat yourself to a nourishing smoothie/juice…

The ‘Blueberry Flaxseed’ made with Blueberries, Bananas, Flaxseed, Apple & Ice

I usually make my own smoothies but today on my lunch break, I walked to Tutto and ordered the ‘Blueberry Flaxseed.’ It was really yummy and refreshing. Be good to your insides today and give them a smoothie or juice with plenty of nutrients!

February 9th) Watch a movie you loved as a child…

Tonight I sat down to watch ‘The Sword in the Stone’ which used to be one of my favourites as a child. This scene in particular would get me singing and dancing. I loved how Merlin fit all of his possessions into a tiny bag. It was really fun watching it again as an adult and still knowing all of the words. Reconnect with your inner child by watching something that you loved when you were little.

February 10th) Give yourself a facial with vegan products…

Grab your own pack here

I received this goodie in The Vegan Box a few months ago and finally got to try it out! Wild Healing is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand with lots of cool raw beauty products. First off, this product smells so good! It only has two ingredients: crushed pink clay & chamomile. Secondly, the packet has enough powder for several uses which is great. You just need to add one teaspoon of clay to one teaspoon of water and stir. It applies well and is super smooth. The only issue I have with this product is it’s really difficult to remove and takes several attempts with a wet cloth. Once it’s finally off, tone, moisturise and enjoy the silkiness! This was such a nice, relaxing thing to do for myself whilst watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars.

February 11th) Decorate your Vision Board (or Scrapbook) with your hopes, dreams and picture of people/things you love…

My Vision Board!

I really enjoyed redecorating my vision board with new printed photographs and my favourite quote from Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary. Also when Francis and I first got together, we merged our names and called ourselves Brancis (like Brangelina haha) and the name stuck. These pictures represent some of the greatest times in my life. When I look at this board, I’m reminded of all the adventures I’ve had and it keeps me present and full of gratitude. Do the same with your own vision board or scrapbook. Keep updating it. Fill it with your hopes, dreams and best moments.

February 12th) Write a love letter to yourself…

Wow my fingers are so red! Bad lighting!

Today on my lunch break, I sat out in the sun and wrote a 2 page love letter to myself. I’m not going to share what I wrote as it’s deeply personal but I talked about the importance of practicing self-love regularly and what I’m truly proud of. Write as much as you like and don’t forget to sign off ‘I love you.’ Read it whenever you are feeling like a pick-me-up. You are amazing!

February 13th) Visit a farmer’s market & stock your fridge with fresh fruits & veggies…

Nothing says self-love more than caring for your body. When you feed your body whole, fresh foods from the Earth, you are nourishing it with nutrients and vitamins. If you can’t find a farmer’s market than go to a supermarket. Stock up on lots of greens/fruits and fill your fridge.

February 14th) Do something fun with a loved one, family member or friend… 


Today was Valentine’s Day hence the challenge was to do something fun with a loved one, friend or family member. Today marked 2 year’s since Francis and I moved in together so we wanted to celebrate that more than V-Day itself but having said that, we had a special dinner planned at a vegan restaurant in Kew called V-Series. It was hosting a 3 course Valentine’s Dinner complete with cupcake at the end. The food was beyond delicious and the atmosphere very romantic. It was such a wonderful evening for both of us, lots of love involved!

February 15th) Dance, Dance, Dance… 

Get your groove on!

I don’t believe anybody can feel down when they are dancing, especially if it’s to great music! Today I let loose in my Zumba class. I have absolutely no coordination but I still had fun nevertheless! It’s all about putting a smile on your face and letting your limbs go crazy. Put the radio on in your car, blast some tunes as you cook dinner or go out with your friends. Just dance!

February 16th) Take a bath with essential oils and soak…

My 3 favourites!

Tonight I took a relaxing bath with my book and a couple of drops of my 3 favourite essential oils: Cinnamon, Lavender & Tibetan Dawn (which is a soothing blend of jasmine blossoms, mandarin, spiced musk & patchouli). It’s really important that we take time out for ourselves and do whatever helps us unwind. For me, reading in the bath is heavenly. I didn’t want to leave! The bathroom smelled amazing and I got to enjoy a Peanut Butter Clif Bar whilst I read. Also, today I finished writing the sequel to my novel ‘Astrology Pond’ which is called ‘Facing the Stars.’ I’m so proud of myself!

February 17th) Do something that makes you sweat…

Buy Here!

Showing some body love!

Today I taught my very first yoga class at the gym and it was exhilarating! Doing something that makes you sweat doesn’t just mean a work out…it can also mean facing a fear or doing something that makes you nervous. I’ve never been good at public speaking but today I faced it head on and taught an hour long class to strangers. I loved it! It gave me confidence and the reassurance that getting my certification was the right move…

February 18th) D.I.Y Crafts…


Get creative!

When was the last time you attempted a D.I.Y or got ‘crafty?’ I am terrible at putting things together but this year I wanted to make the centerpieces for our wedding tables. Our colour theme is blue & silver so I picked up some cute mason jars from Spotlight, poured in ‘blue sand’, added blue stones & jewel hearts and finished it off with a baby blue ribbon. At this stage, it’s just a trial and error but I really like the look of these simple and cute accents for our special day. Putting something together is really fun and a great way to connect with your inner creativity. Make something for your home or decorate an old item of clothing. You will be amazed at what you can do!

February 19th) Drink a calming blend of herbal tea and really savour each sip…

My favourite mug!

I think it’s super important to stop and smell the roses in life. Mindfulness and being present in the moment is what makes life so magical. The next time you drink a cup of tea, really savour the delicious flavours you can taste. Feel the warmth trickling down your throat and heating you up from within. Pick a herbal tea with your favourite spices and pop it into your favourite mug. For me, I love this one given to me by mother in law. Not only is blue my favourite colour but I am an author so the typewriter really speaks to me. My grandfather, whom I was very close to, also enjoyed writing. I have a black and white photo of him typing away on a vintage typewriter so this mug is special to me in more ways than one. The tea I have picked is ‘Organic Vata Tea’ which is my Dosha according to Ayurvedic Medicine. It is 100% vegan, organic, caffeine free and made with licorice, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. I love the warming spices within and how relaxed it makes me feel.

February 20th) Explore a new area… 

Live, love, explore!

Today Mum and I drove over an hour away to Castlemaine to visit the Buda Historic Home & Garden. An old friend had just released her first novel and was hosting her book launch at this beautiful homestead out in country Victoria. It was a perfect summer’s day and after the launch, we decided to explore the vast garden area of the site. It is a popular place for weddings and if we didn’t live so far I would’ve seriously considered having it there. It was a gorgeous place and one I won’t forget anytime soon. Explore a new area today. You will be surprised what you discover in your own backyard!

February 21st) Give yourself a hair treatment…

It’s Hair Care Time!

Today I had a lazy day and gave myself a hair care treatment. From the left, I used my 100% pure Jojoba Oil and covered my entire scalp and ends. You can also use this product on your face 🙂 I let that sit in my hair for 10 minutes then washed it out with my Shampoo & Conditioner (pictured in the middle). Just as an FYI, all of my beauty products are 100% vegan and cruelty free/environmentally friendly. Finally, once my hair was naturally dry, I applied my Coconut Sea Salt Volumizing Spray (far right) to finish it off with beachy, summer waves. We need to give our hair love from time to time too so research lots of different ways to treat your hair and start pampering!

February 22nd) Drink at least 3 litres of water today… 

Hydration is healthy!

Everybody needs to drink at least 2-3 litres of water every single day so please do not see this as a one day only thing! I wanted to put this in the self-love challenge because hydration is so incredibly important to our health. Our bodies are mainly made up of water and without it…well, we wouldn’t survive! I bought my 1L bottle off of Ebay. Every single day I fill it to the very top several times and this is how I know I’m getting my litres in. Don’t find out the hard way by suffering kidney infections like I did. Hydrate all day long! You want to make sure you are peeing clear fluid between 8-12 times a day.

February 23rd) Wear something you feel good in…

What outfit makes you feel confident?

I hope you feel beautiful no matter what you wear and that includes your naked self but do you have a particular outfit that makes you exude confidence? I found this outfit on about a year ago and it’s such a beautiful black, boho dress. I love wearing it to work and out. Clothing allows us to express ourselves in such a unique way. Granted I have become more of a minimalist and haven’t bought a single item of clothing in a long time but what I do own, I treasure and wear with pride.

February 24th) Indulge in a sweet treat…without the guilt! 

Vegan Banana Bread <3

There is nothing wrong with having a sweet treat every now and then. Today I bought a slice of Vegan Banana Bread from Mantra Lounge and it was super yum! Please don’t hate on yourself if you have something fatty or salty once in a while. It is not living to deprive yourself from sweet treats year in and year out. Love yourself with every bite you take!

February 25th) Create/Cook a new dish… 

Vegan Pizza!

Can you believe I have never cooked pizza before let alone vegan pizza?! I decided tonight was the night considering the challenge 🙂 I bought some Mountain Bread which is nice and light and filled it with our favourite toppings. They only needed to cook in the oven for 15-20 mins and came out crispy and delicious! Francis rolled his up and created a pizza burrito lol. I love cooking and creating. It makes me happy especially as I never came near a kitchen until I became a vegan. Now I get to whip up colourful dishes filled with food from the Earth and it’s amazing! I will definitely make these again.

February 26th) Make sure you get 7-8 hours rest…

There is no place like your own bed <3

A huge part of self-care and love is getting the necessary 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I understand that many have issues sleeping but this is why it’s important to go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time in the morning. You need to give your body a comfortable routine to rest and repair itself. Today, I spent most of the day in bed because I wasn’t feeling well. I gave myself permission to do nothing. Love yourself and do the same every single evening. Meditate or read before bed. Detach from electronics. Snuggle a loved one. Unwind in your safe haven.

February 27th) Try a restaurant you’ve wanted to go to for a very long time…

Serotonin Eatery

I have wanted to try the Serotonin Eatery ever since it opened and today I finally got to go with two of my dear girlfriends. The Serotonin Eatery is a vegan/vegetarian cafe that serves foods that are good for you and release endorphins. Everything on their menu is organic and selected to produce some sort of positive emotion in your brain. I ordered the Vegan Smashed Avocado & Mint Peas. It was delicious! I also ordered a Golden Juice filled with oranges, bananas, strawberries, cinnamon and more. I’m so glad I finally got to try this cafe that is literally 10 mins from my apartment! If you live in Victoria, check it out!

February 28th) Read a book all day and stay away from electronics…

This is my happy place…

Wow, I’m so glad I did this! This is going to be something I do more of in the future. I loved staying away from all electronics and reading for hours on end. I made significant progress in my book (The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness) and just relaxed in my comfy bed. Seriously, I recommend everybody give this a try once in a while. If you’re not a reader than do something else that doesn’t require any electronics for the day. You’ll be amazed at how nice it is to disconnect.

February 29th) Take a selfie with no makeup and own your natural beauty… 


This morning, as I got ready for yoga, I took a selfie without any makeup and uploaded this photo without any filters. It is so important to feel comfortable in our own beautiful, natural skin. We need to share our authentic beauty with the world. I like how I look without makeup but when I was younger, I couldn’t go a day without it. I embrace it all now with so much love and if Francis can tell me I’m beautiful each and every day when I first wake up, why can’t I tell myself that?

So there you have it! My ‘I Love Me’ Challenge is complete! This was so much more than just pampering myself or writing down positive affirmations; it was like renewing my vows…with myself! It was a commitment to continue loving and caring for myself for the rest of my life. Self-Love is one of the most important journeys we can undertake and it is everlasting. I will teach my children the very same thing because when you love yourself, your life is pure magic…

Peace & Love xoxo

Disclaimer: This post contains links to my Amazon Affiliate which helps fund my blog, I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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  1. Awww that’s such a nice way of taking care of yourself and being loving to our bodies and mind. Good on ya for taking the time and accepting the challenge. Sometimes we just simply forget to look inward and love ourselves truly.

  2. What a lot of things you did in February. It must have felt good to do something small each day and note down the importance of it. I liked how you made vegan pizza for the first time. It sounds like it was fun and the pizza looks delicious 😀 Drinking water is so important. I keep forgetting that and I really have to stop that and drink more every day. It helps to keep energy levels up too <3

    1. It certainly was a busy month my friend!! I really enjoyed having a goal everyday to achieve. The pizza was super yummy and yes hydration is so important! I hope you are well 🙂 X

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