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Facing the Stars

Ever since I was a child, I loved to read and write. It was and still is my biggest passion…

I cannot wait to share my stories with my children one day…

When I hit my teenage years, I became really interested in astrology. Not so much the daily horoscope stuff but rather the way each sign governed distinct personality traits. It soon became a way for me to understand others and even identify which sign they were born under just by how they acted. I spent many years reading non-fiction books about the zodiac before I realised that I had never actually read a fictional tale on the topic.

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When I was 16, I found a woman in my hometown named Eve Old who tutored writers after school in order to develop their talents and skills. The second we met, a bond was instantly formed. She not only became my tutor but also my mentor and friend. I was invited to join a group she had formed named the ‘Inkspotters’ and once a month, we would get together over a big feast and discuss reading, writing and even share our work. These were some of the best moments of my life. I was the only child in the group and she spoiled me like I was her own.

One afternoon, during a private session with Eve, I shared my initial concept for ‘Astrology Pond’ and she loved it! We began brainstorming together and I remembered feeling a fluttering in my chest as I dreamed about it becoming a published book one day. I would write for weeks and then a year would go past and I would start again. I kept leaving it and getting caught up in my young adult life; never sure where it would actually go.

A friend reading my book in Mallorca, Spain

When I was 18, I moved to Geelong and lived there for three years whilst I completed my Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University. One day I heard from my mum, who was working at the medical centre back home, that Eve had come in feeling quite unwell. I rushed to visit her on my weekend off and she was so happy to see me. We chatted in the sunshine, sipping tea and discussing the latest books we had read. Little did I know that was the last moment I would ever spend with her…

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A year later, a couple of months after the funeral, I found out from the ‘Inkspotters’ Eve had passed away. I cried and wallowed in my regrets at not being able to say goodbye to her. She was one of the kindest, most nurturing women I had ever met and she was gone. For months afterwards, I would visit her grave and talk to her; unable to let go. I kept thinking about how she had always believed in me and this fueled my need to finish ‘Astrology Pond.’ In 2013, it was finally completed and published. If you look inside, you will see that I dedicated it to her as well as my grandfather who I was also incredibly close to.  The people around me that knew and loved Eve kept telling me how proud she would be and I honestly feel her warmth shining down on me at times.

Thank you to Mabel for the professional photography <3

Let me give you a quick plot summary: Astrology Pond is about a young teenager named Danni Hamilton who is passionate about astrology and the secrets behind the stars. After having vivid, prophetic dreams, she begins to form a group of twelve people (each one belonging to a different sign) and together, they learn more about each other and themselves. What Danni doesn’t realise is that there is so much more to her dreams and the stars are calling her. The sequel takes place in an alternate universe where the group are placed on an important, astrological mission. Friendships are won and lost. Romance blooms and jealousy strikes. When you place twelve very different personalities together, there is bound to be some heat!

After realising that I was now officially a published author, I began to write the sequel and just last month, ‘Facing the Stars’ was completed. The ‘Signs of the Zodiac’ series was born and I am now in the midst of writing the third and final installment in the trilogy.

I’m in love with this cover!

I still have all of Eve’s emails and I want to share an excerpt from one of them that means the world to me:

‘It has been such a joy for me to watch you develop over the time we’ve spent together, seeing you blossom and slowly develop confidence and faith in yourself which has added to both your inner and outer beauty.  I also want to acknowledge the way you’ve managed to overcome adversity – physically and emotionally – and your dedication to your education and your writing.    
 I feel so proud of your achievements and the positive (and a bit scary, I bet) steps you’re taking to achieve your dreams. May they all come true – just promise me you’ll have the most amazing life.
I used to worry sometimes that I was being too hard on you but you had such promise I wanted to get so much into your head that I didn’t want to muck about – I wanted to push you as far as you could go …
I think I must have been your mother/sister in a previous life as your going to have the career I wish I had…’
Whenever I write…I write for you Eve. It has all been worth it just to dedicate my work to you. If you are interested in buying my books, please head to my ‘About’ section on
the homepage of my blog or click at the top. I love you all…
Words cannot express…
Peace & Love xoxox
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  1. Eve sounds like a great mentor to have, and I am sure every moment spent with her was a moment to cherish. Her words will live on, and thank you for sharing the personal email between you and her. It sounds like she loved you a lot, both as a writer and as a friend 🙂

    Congratulations on your second book. Very proud of you my friend and I will get it soon – and then I will ask you to sign it like the first one 😀 Happy you liked the photo I took. I am already looking forward to the third one, good luck with it <3

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