May Favourites 2016!

Hi all!

Welcome to my May Favourites! This month was filled with so many exciting things that I actually struggled to refine my list. I turned 27, celebrated mine and Francis’s 3 year anniversary by going away for the long weekend and met some really cool people at the Vegan Meet-Up! Let’s get started!


1.) Video Game – Life Is Strange 

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I realised that I hadn’t added one game to my monthly favourites so far which was odd seeing as I am a massive gamer! What can I say about this game? Well, for starters, it is life-changing and one that stays with you long after it ends. This may sound dramatic but if you read the reviews, they all say the same thing! The story is played out through 5 episodes and is rich in content, characters and graphics. Visually stunning and set in Oregon, Life is Strange allows you to manipulate time and make choices that affect your past, present and future. You play as Max, an 18 year old photographer who has won a scholarship to a prestigious university. She soon learns that she has the ability to reverse time and as she is faced with tough decisions, she has the option to go back and change her mind depending on the outcome. Aside from the fact that you get to take cool photographs, you also get to participate in time travel! I have never played a game so touching and thought-provoking. I really can’t say much more except play it and see what I mean!

2.) Audio Book – The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


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Okay I have a confession to make: I have never bought or listened to an audio book in my life. I was perusing Readings Bookstore early May in search of new music to listen to when I drive to and from work and stumbled across the audio book section. I had heard a lot of positive reviews about The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion and being quite enthusiastic about new experiences, I bought it! I didn’t expect to love not only the book so much but the experience of having the story told to me whenever I hopped into my car. I really enjoyed how calm and relaxing my drives became. Even when I was stuck in traffic, I didn’t notice because I was so immersed in the story. The plot revolves around Don Tillman, a highly intelligent and organised geneticist professor. In order to find a wife, he creates a 16 page questionnaire that allows him to weed out any undesirable mates and leave only the best candidates. Without warning, along comes quirky and beautiful Rosie who meets none of his criteria but through it all, love is found in the most unlikely of places. I highly recommend checking out The Rosie Project and hearing it told rather than reading it. I am forever converted to audio books now!

3.) Tea – Dandelion Caramel Nut by Teecino 


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May is typically the beginning of the cold weather so this is when I begin drinking lots of tea again. Being intolerant to caffeine, I found on iHerb a box of Dandelion Caramel Nut tea roasted with almonds & carob to create a sweet yet strong black ‘coffee’ taste. Made with organic carob, organic chicory, organic dandelion, dates, almonds, natural caramel nut flavor and organic figs, this tea is 100% vegan, cruelty free and caffeine free! One word of warning, I would not keep the tea bag in as it gets super strong and bitter the longer you leave it. A few dunks will do it! It’s so delicious and perfect on a cold day.

4.) Bath Product – Coconut & Lime Bubble Bath by Deep Steep


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I am a big fan of baths! In fact, it is my favourite way to unwind particularly during the colder months of the year. I go through bath products like crazy and found this nice big bottle on iHerb which is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! To be honest, the scent of the lime definitely overpowers the coconut but it’s heavenly in the tub and lathers so quickly with just a small amount. There are so many other scents on iHerb including Brown Sugar & Vanilla which I plan on trying next. Nothing beats a hot bath on a winter’s day with a good book!

5.) Vegan Dinner – ‘Mac & Cheez’ 


This is currently my favourite go-to dinner at the moment. It is so incredibly yummy and healthy! I replicated the recipe from Nina & Randa Nelson’s YouTube channel and it is basically a HCLF Vegan Mac & Cheez! The sauce is potatoes blended in the food processor with lemon juice, rosemary, chopped cherry tomatoes, garlic powder and a whole lot of nutritional yeast! It’s incredibly easy to make, filling and beyond delicious!

6.) YouTuber’s: ‘EverydaySimpleHealth’ (Laiken) & ‘Earthbound Equals’ (Mel) 

Finally got to meet these amazing girls!
Vegan Picnic Day!!

When I saw that one of my favourite YouTuber’s Laiken from ‘EverydaySimpleHealth’ was flying from Adelaide to Melbourne to host a meet-up I was so excited! On May 15th, I got to meet both her and Mel from ‘Earthbound Equals’ and spend the day in the sun with like- minded individuals snacking on yummy vegan food. It was my first ever vegan picnic and I look forward to many more in the future. These two girls are hilarious and so entertaining to watch so if you haven’t checked out their channels or Instagram accounts, get on it!

7.) Memory – Best Moment of May 2016 



Without a doubt, my favourite memory of May was the weekend Francis & I spent at The Beet Retreat. More specifically, on our first night there we ate dinner at The Nillumbik Estate which was a private winery in the hills. We watched the pink sun set and ate the most delicious vegan pizza outside. We couldn’t wipe the smiles of our faces…it was beyond romantic! If you want to know more about The Beet Retreat, read my previous blog post The Beet Retreat!

Thank you for reading another monthly favourites! Stay tuned for next month as we settle into the cold winter!

Peace & Love xoxo

Disclaimer: This post contains links to my Amazon Affiliate which helps fund my blog, I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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  1. May sounded like such a wonderful month for you, Bec. So happy for you and it is inspiring to hear you find joy in the simplest of things, eating healthy and enjoying what’s around you That Mac and Cheez looks delicious, and I am a huge fan of potato. So I am sure if I tried your dish, I would love it and ask for more sauce 😀

    Stunning sunset. That certainly looks magical, and love it that you and Francis enjoyed it. What a lovely photo to remember the occasion. And hope the two of you took photos of each other too. Would love to take photos of the two of you some day! Lots of love and take care <3

    1. Mabel! I have missed you! I hope you are well and happy 🙂 thank you, May was a wonderful month full of nice experiences and great food! One day I will make the dish for you 🙂 🙂 I would love for you take photos of us one day, you’re so talented! love you lots! x

      1. I have missed you too, Bec. It is always so uplifting to see you live life the way you want to and bring us all along. Have a good first month of winter and I look forward to hearing about it! Catch up soon x

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