July 2nd – 20 Facts About Me!

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 2 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Today, I’ve been asked to share 20 facts about me. It’s funny…just recently my friend @theadventuresofjade on Instagram tagged me to post 10 facts about myself so I will use those and add 10 more!

1.) I have emetophobia which is an extreme fear of vomiting or seeing other people vomit “shudders”

2.) I am marrying the love of my life this Spring!

3.) I am a registered yoga teacher!

4.) When I was 10, I starred in a television show called ‘Living Life’ that was set to air but at the last minute was rejected by the producers – so close to being famous haha

5.) I am a published author with 2 books and a third currently being written!

6.) I’ve been travelling the world since I was a child as my father used to work for Qantas. I consider myself very lucky to have seen so many incredible countries and places at a young age.

7.) My favourite show of all time is Will & Grace. I can literally quote every line of every episode!

8.) I am Italian and can read, write and speak it (albeit not very well). So is Francis and sometimes we converse in Italian 🙂

9.) I’ve been a passionate vegan for 3 years now and will be for the rest of my life!

10.) Francis proposed to me on a private boat in the middle of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. We actually have our proposal on video but made a vow that the only people who will ever get to watch it is our children <3

11.) I’ve just started my minimalistic journey and am loving it so far! Material items really aren’t that important…

12.) I am a proud, highly sensitive introvert. My perfect Friday night consists of lying in bed next to my partner reading a good book or journaling.

13.) My favourite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I discovered it at University and fell in love.

14.) I have a Bachelor of Arts, Major in History, Minor in Philosophy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies. Hopefully one day I can put it to good use!

15.) One place I cannot wait to visit one day is Greece!

16.) I am a Gemini and have a tattoo of my zodiac sign on my right hip.

17.) Butterflies and moths terrify me!

18.) My best friend is my Mum. We talk nearly every day, tell each other everything and love spending time together.

19.) I am allergic to caffeine. This means no chocolate, coffee, energy drinks or green/black teas. You may think I’m the unluckiest person alive but a life without caffeine is extremely healthy and I love carob & herbal teas.

20.) My style is very bohemian/flower-child. I love bell sleeves, bell bottoms, flower crowns, florals and tie-dye!


I hope you enjoyed my 20 fun facts! Let me know if you can relate to any or post your own down below!

See you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo

4 thoughts

  1. I love the book Wuthering Heights too. My dad gave it to me when I was seven and at that time I was too young to understand the storyline fully. But the characters certainly left an impression on me 😀

    The more I get to know you, the more I see a kind and beautiful soul. Thank you so much for sharing your inner beauty with us, Bec. I love your style too, but above all I am so glad to know you as a happy, planet-loving hippie that sees the best in others 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mabel! I’m so glad you love Wuthering Heights too! Isn’t it so romantic & tragic at the same time? I have loved getting to know you too and seeing such a sensitive, kind, caring person emerge. I truly value your friendship <3

  2. About you being allergic to caffeine, how do you function in the morning without having coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but sometimes i think i should jump on the band wagon to wake up and not be falling asleep. O am with with on #1. Love your photo☺

    1. I function quite well actually! You learn to after a while and as long as you’re getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, it isn’t difficult to stay active and alert throughout the day. Thank you!

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