July 5th – 10 Songs I Love <3

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 5 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Today, I am going to share 10 songs that I love. This wasn’t easy! How do you pick just 10? I managed to select only those that made me happy, made me feel deeply or brought me back to a significant time in my life. I will leave the YouTube links below and briefly explain why each song means so much to me as well as share my favourite lyric:

1.) More Than Useless by Relient K 

I already raved about this song in my ‘I Love Me Challenge’ but basically, everybody has an anthem to their life and this song was mine. It actually got me through some really difficult times & helped me learn to love myself. The lyrics are actually about God as Relient K are a Christian band but I never identified with that; rather they felt protective & encouraging to me particularly when I was feeling helpless.

My favourite lyric: “When I think that I can’t do this, you promise me I’ll get through this.” (Very significant lyric for when I was suffering through anxiety)

2.) All Star by Smash Mouth 

I remember in my Primary School, Grade 6 Yearbook, I wrote that this was my favourite song of all time and it still is! Whenever I hear this song, I think about running around with my friends playing games and having a good time. It provides instant feelings of happiness, motivation and excitement. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this song. Also I love that this film clip features scenes from Mystery Men as I love that movie!

My favourite lyric: “Didn’t make sense not to live for fun, your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb.” (Always reminding me that we need to live & enjoy the moment)

3.) Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 

Why do I love this song so much? Well, this is mine and my best friend Graham’s song. We picked it to symbolise our friendship when it was released and since then have danced to it several times. It makes me think of all our good times together and how special our bond is. I am getting married on Sunday morning so I hope she will dance with me again that day 🙂

My favourite lyric: “Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm. Change the weather, still together when it ends.” (Despite being separated for a few years once high school ended, we are still together and for that, I am so thankful)

4.) Wisemen by James Blunt 

This song motivated me to finish my first novel ‘Astrology Pond.’ I used to listen to it on repeat while I would type away. I pictured my characters Danni, Drew & Reilly walking around their hometown of Juggler’s Corner. This powerful visualisation pushed me to continue and in October 2013, it was published. It’s really important to find a song that fuels your creative talents and passions. This one was mine and nowadays when I play it on my phone, I picture my characters smiling because they were finally brought to life.

My favourite lyric: “Got to ask yourself the question, where are you now?” (This lyric made me assess where I was in my book and how much further I needed to go)

5.) The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News 

It’s no secret that the Back to the Future trilogy are my favourite movies of all time. This song gets a special mention purely because it comes from there (watch film clip) and makes me so happy whenever I hear it. I love 80’s music and I am an 80’s baby (just!) so I feel right at home when I hear it. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I have watched the trilogy but every time I do, I know it’s going to start with this song and that gets me so hyped!

My favourite lyric: “You don’t need money, don’t take fame. Don’t need no credit card to ride this train.” (Love this line!)

6.) Touch Me, Tease Me by A Day Away 

Okay, we all have that song that makes us feel bad-ass, sexy and wild at the same time. I was a University student when this song first reached my ears. It played whenever I got ready for a fun night out or just needed to feel confident. I still love it to this day. This is the kind of song that makes you want to dance, go crazy and unleash your inner edge.

My favourite lyric: “Don’t you wish you knew what it was like to be me?” (I love how he delivers this lyric – empowering & confident!)

7.) The Rest of My Life by Less Than Jake 

I never really admitted this but when I graduated from high-school, I struggled with the fact that I wouldn’t see my friends on a daily basis anymore. Not only that but I moved from my home town that I had never left before to live over an hour away. I was in a whole new town and I didn’t know anybody. This song helped me with the transition and eased me into letting go of the past. The lyrics resonated deeply with me especially when I felt almost guilty for leaving in the first place. Less Than Jake are known for making immature songs but this was one of their more serious ones and I just love how it fit my situation perfectly at the time.

My favourite lyric: “Late last night, I made my plans. It was the only thing I felt I could do. Said goodbye, to my best friend. Sometimes there’s no one left to tell you the truth.” (I really struggled with saying goodbye and for years I saw none of my old friends)

8. Caribbean Blue by Enya 

I was incredibly close to my grandfather. When I learned that he had passed away, I locked myself in my room and played this song over and over whilst I sobbed. To this day, I still cry whenever I play it. This song will forever be dedicated to him. I love you Nonno. I miss you…I wish you could’ve seen me get married this year…

My favourite lyric: “So the world goes round and round with all you ever knew. They say the sky above is Caribbean blue…” (My Nonno loved the sea and so I imagine wherever he is, is blue and calm like the water)

9.) Blush (Only You) by Plumb 

Without sharing too much information, this song awakened my sexuality as a young girl. I became excited about true love and intimacy when I heard the singer’s soft, lilting voice. I wanted to slow dance in the dark, barefoot with a stranger. I wanted to run through the fields in a soft white dress; my love chasing after me. This song evoked all sorts of romance and fairy-tale like qualities in me.

My favourite lyric: “I wanna be in love with only you. I wanna watch the sky turn grey then blue. I wanna know the kiss that’s always new. I wanna be in love with only you…just you.”

10.) The Other Side by Jason Derulo

A lot of songs remind me of my love and most of them will be played at the wedding so I’ll keep that secret for now. In the meantime, let’s look at the song that started it all. It was May 2013 and Francis & I had just started talking when this song had come out. I told him that I felt this song reflected our budding relationship perfectly and he agreed. I remember at the time wanting it to be something so badly and lucky me, it was! We still love turning this song up loud and singing it in the car when it comes on 🙂

My favourite lyric: “This could be perfect but we won’t know unless we try. I know you’re nervous so just sit back and let me drive.” (We were both so nervous at the beginning, hoping against hope it would go somewhere!)

I hope you enjoyed the 10 songs I love! Of course there are so many more that remind me of a million different places and times but these stood out for a reason. I have a very short playlist on my phone but they all have a place there. What are your favourite songs? Which songs make you feel or remind you of a happy or confronting time?


Until then…see you tomorrow!

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. I recognise some of these songs! Love All Star by Smash Mouth. It’s a great summer song 🙂 I like a variety of music. Britney for when I was younger and great music to move to. These days, I love Lindsey Stirling and Florence and the Machine 🙂

    1. Yay I’m glad you love All Star. I love Britney too! I saw her live in Las Vegas, she was amazing! Thanks to you, I also know love Lindsey!! Music is so powerful 🙂 x

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