July 7th – My Pet Hates…

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 7 of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Today, I am going to share some of my pet hates which I’m sure will be relatable for some and hopefully provide a chuckle. A pet peeve or hate can be described as a minor annoyance that is personal to you and whilst it may not bother the person next to you, you find it extremely irritating.

So without further ado…here are my pet hates!

1.) People that don’t text back (especially if they have seen your messages!)

2.) People that chew with their mouths open!

3.) People who talk in movies or bring screaming babies!

4.) People that don’t indicate when driving!

5.) People that don’t say hello back!

6.) People that say ‘Tar-jay’ instead of Target!

7.) People that write loose instead of lose!

8.) People that try to talk to me whilst I’m reading or have my headphones in!

9.) People that call me at work when they could’ve just emailed me!

10.) People who stare!

11.) People who say they are ‘tolerant’ of other races – thank you for your tolerance!

12.) People that turn into nutritional ‘experts’ when I tell them I’m vegan. I get all of my nutrients & vitamins so worry about your own health!

13.) People who are involved in animal cruelty of any kind (although this goes much larger than just a pet peeve)!

14.) People who use bad grammar!

15.) People that are homophobic, racist, bully & put others down out of jealousy!

16.) People that just stand in the middle of a path when others are trying to get through!

17.) People who are always late!

18.) People who bite their nails loudly!

19.) People that say knickers instead of underwear!

20.) People that ask for my advice, tell me that ‘I’m so right’ and then do the exact opposite!


Phew – *exhale* – okay time for a yoga or meditation session 🙂 Did you relate to any of my pet hates? What grinds your gears? Does the saying ‘grinds your gears’ make you mad? Haha let me know! See you tomorrow!

Peace & Love xoxo

4 thoughts

  1. This was quite a list, and I can certainly relate to being late and people not responding to messages. At work if someone is late it can be hard to get things done! Then again they might have a good excuse 😀 As for messages, th same reason applies but if you are really friends, then you’ll respond 🙂

    1. Haha thanks Mabel! It is a pet peeve for me because I’m so organised and timely but perhaps I need to relax more? What irritates us really relates to our own personality and how we are with others. It was a fun list to write! Hope you’re well xx

  2. Ugh, yep! People who talks to me when I have my earphones on (or are very concentrated with work) and people standing in the middle of a path, especially if they have seen you but just keep on stading there. Thats defenitily some of my worst pet peeves!

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