July 8th – What’s In My Handbag?

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 8 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Today, I have been asked to share what is in my handbag but as I don’t own one, it will be my backpack!


I have two vegan leather backpacks – one in black and the other in cream as pictured above. Each month I alternate, so for July I am using the cream one. Backpacks are much better for you as the weight doesn’t rest solely on one shoulder and you can use the straps as support. My requirement with any bag or backpack is that it can fit all of my essentials so here is what I currently carry with me every single day!


This is my work phone and I also have my personal phone which isn’t pictured because I used it to take the photo haha. I only keep my work phone with me during the week. On weekends & time off, I don’t look at it all – that’s no way to live. I cannot go anywhere without my headphones! I love listening to music and watching YouTube videos.


Obviously I can’t go anywhere without my keys! The pair on the left are our car keys which also has a button to open the gates to our apartment block. The keys on the right are to our apartment. I love Sailor Mercury in case you couldn’t tell 🙂 I also keep my sunglasses with me although in this season, they are kind of redundant.


I have my main purse which I got from Etsy (love them!) and my coin purse from Tree of Life. Such nice colours!


I cannot go anywhere without a book! At the moment I am reading Looking for Alaska by John Green and loving it! I also carry my journal & pen with me everywhere. I bought this journal at the Chimei Museum in Taiwan and write in it every single day. There is also my wedding checklist at the front so I can tick things off as I go!


Finally, I have my mini hairbrush and three of my favourite products from the brand ‘A bit Hippy.’ This includes the pomegranate lip balm, their natural roll-on deodorant & natural tinted cream. If you want to read more about this amazing company, click here to read my review on their beauty ‘To-Go’ pack!

I also have a medical certificate from my Chiropractor to get a stand-up desk at work but for confidentiality reasons, I didn’t want to take a photo of it. I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my handbag! What must-have items do you carry with you everywhere? I will see you all tomorrow!

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. What a lovely backpack! I like how you have practical things in your bag, like you are prepared to entertain yourself anytime 😀 I like backpacks but a lot of the time that make my shoulders hurt even with padded straps – I think it’s because I’m tiny, haha. A sling back is the way to go for me, and a camera and my phone is a must. Sometimes one of my monkeys comes along for the ride 😀

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