July 10th – What Is My Best Physical Feature?

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 10 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Today, I am going to share with you my best physical feature! By the image, I guess you can tell what it might be…


I am proud to say I love my deep, dark blue eyes. Blue has always been my favourite colour. It is calming, serene and relaxing. Francis tells me quite often how much he loves looking into my eyes and I am the only person in my immediate family to have this shade so I feel unique. I like how they look against my pale skin and chestnut hair. I like how they shine brightly when I’m happy. I like the flecks of green and gold I see sometimes depending on the day.

It’s important that we love ourselves inside and out. There are always going to be some physical features that we wish we could improve but ultimately, appreciating the entire beautiful package you come in will set you free. Focus on the parts you do love. Maybe it’s your toned thighs or cute smattering of freckles across your nose. Maybe you love your soft, silky hair or your smile. We are always quick to list what we don’t like on our bodies but struggle when asked what we do like. Let’s encourage self-love, confidence and a radical acceptance of who we are!

What is your best physical feature? What is the first thing that comes to mind when asked that question?

See you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo

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