July 13th – What Is My Earliest Memory?

Hi all! 

Welcome to Day 13 of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge in July! Today, I am going to share my earliest memory. This is going to be quite an odd and short blog post but it’s 100% honest. This really is my earliest memory: 

I have just started crawling as a baby…I’m maybe 2 years old? We are living in our old house in Flinders Street, Sunbury. I am wearing an all pink onesie and crawling around our kitchen. I hear loud noises from our living room and make my way there to see my Dad wearing his all white ju-jitsu outfit and practicing his kicks to music on the TV. His face is fierce and his expression scares me. I crawl back to the kitchen and vomit brown liquid under the stools by the table. This is my earliest memory and it is vivid… 

Me as a child in Venice!

When I reflect on this being my earliest memory, it tells me a lot about my life later on. Perhaps this is where my fear of vomiting came from? It also tells me that since infancy, I was afraid of my father which only created anxiety issues down the track. It’s also evident that I was Highly Sensitive since birth. The loud noises and aggressive look on my father’s face overwhelmed me, causing physical sickness. I didn’t feel safe in my home whilst he was around. I developed a negative perception of him very early on in life and this only worsened as I got older. I find it fascinating that I was able to remember that far back. Most people don’t recall being a baby. Very interesting! 

What was your earliest memory? I hope it was more positive than mine!

See you tomorrow! Peace & Love

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  1. It’s a rather scary early memory. But good to hear now that you know your fears and face it. My earliest memory I think was the moment I was born in the hospital. I was lying on in the hospital on my back, looking at a big white light overhead. A male surgeon with a mask hovered over me and I think he was about to operate and cut off my extra thumb.

    I also remember one time I was curled up, floating in blackness. I think I was still a fetus in the womb 🙂

      1. Yup! I still remember those moments prior to being born and a few moments after that. Don’t know how that makes me gifted, haha 😀

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