July 18th – The Meaning Behind My Blog Name…

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 18 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge in July! Today, I have been asked to quickly share the meaning behind my blog name: Peace.Love.Veggies:


My blog name encompasses the 3 things I like to write about most: Peace, Love & Veggies! I love sharing inspirational posts, vegan recipes, vegan travel blogs, self-love, spirituality and more! I didn’t want to limit my blog to one theme as I have so many passions and different interests. I got the idea for the name from the brand ‘Peace Love Vegetables’ that sells kimchi and fermented foods. The packaging was so bright and colourful; it spoke to me! I loved the idea of having a blog that represented 3 topics that meant the world to me and that’s why I took that name and changed it to veggies instead of vegetables!

Let me know if you like the name! What is the meaning behind your blog name? What do you love blogging about the most?

See you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo

5 thoughts

  1. I love it! Your name is as beautiful thing to incorporate into your everyday life -even the veggies A-ha!. My name comes from the fact that most people say I look like a baby, but I’m currently getting into weight lifting as a vegan, hence the “vegainz”. I look forward to reading future post from you! x

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    1. Thank you so much! Oh that’s so clever!! Good luck with your weight-lifting – plant power!! I look forward to your future posts too! x


  2. I love your blog name! It is catchy and I think it is a great reflection of you as a person 🙂 My blog is my name, mainly because I want to establish myself as a writer. My tagline, Asian Oz, Multiculturalism, describes it and so that way people can figure out what I write about 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mabel! I love your blog name simply because it’s wonderful you! I’ve learnt so much about Asian culture and multiculturalism from you! x

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