July 21st – My 10 Favourite Foods!

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 21 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge! I’m on the home stretch! In light of yesterday’s darker post, today will be much more light-hearted. I’m going to share with you my 10 favourite foods! This wasn’t easy as I love so many of them! Get ready for sexy food photography and tummy rumbles!

1.) OATS 


Oats are my favourite things to eat for breakfast. I honestly eat them every single morning. I usually soak them in water overnight and top them with fruit, maple syrup and cinnamon the next day. On weekends, I’ll cook them in plant milk and make a big warm bowl of oatmeal. I also love putting them in the food processor and making granola to put on nice cream!



Yes blueberries are one of my favourite fruits and make a daily appearance in my food. They are rich in Omega-3’s and very good for your kidneys. I put them on oats, eat them on their own, blend them frozen to make smoothies or with nice cream and as pictured, love them in desserts!



Let’s take a moment to appreciate how  yummy this breakfast looks. Banana nice cream mixed with carob powder and topped with raspberries plus my oat granola. Raspberries are also super foods for kidney and Omega-3’s. I can’t decide if I love them more than blueberries or about the same. Either way, I eat them regularly and lovingly!



If you haven’t tried a purple sweet potato before…get on it! They are so much better than regular orange sweet potatoes. You can buy them purple on the outside and white on the inside or vice-versa. I chop mine in half, wrap both halves in foil and bake for an hour in the oven. Once cooked, I split them open and eat with lots of greens. They are so filling and delicious!

5.) RICE 


Man do I love rice. I eat rice every single day. You might be thinking…what? That’s a lot of carbs and carbs make you fat but that is actually a lie created by the meat and dairy industry. Carbs make you lean provided you don’t pair them with animal products. I’m only getting leaner the more rice I eat! Just read The China Study which proves why Asians are so slim living off predominately rice. I eat basmati & brown rice typically with legumes and lots of potatoes. It feels good to be full and satiated every single day. Don’t be afraid of rice. It’s so so good for you! This bowl has brown rice, chickpeas, mint peas and Sriracha drizzled on top!

6.) PASTA 


Speaking of carbs, pasta is also very good for you! Our bodies run on glucose and carbohydrates which we burn all day long so fuel it with what it needs! As a classic Italian, pasta is my life. I have it weekly and enjoy devouring several bowls of it when I’m hungry. This plate I made has nutritional yeast sprinkled on top (will get to that) and cooked asparagus plus cherry tomatoes. Delicious!



Lentils are the best! Red, green, brown…I don’t care! Lentils are high in protein, iron, fibre, calcium, zinc, potassium and more! I love making lentil sloppy joes, curries, tagines and even burgers out of them! They are probably the most versatile legume and in my opinion, the tastiest!



Since becoming vegan, I’ve heard a lot of non-vegans say they could never give up cheese. Do you know why that is? Cow’s milk contains casomorphins which is derived from the digestion of the milk protein casein. Casomorphins have opioid effects which exist to draw the baby calf in so it can suckle on its mother until it no longer requires her breast-milk. Of course, thanks to the dairy industry, the baby calf is killed immediately so it cannot suckle and the cow’s milk is turned into cheese which becomes addictive to the humans that consume it. Why am I telling you all this? Well, if you really can’t bear to part with your ‘addiction’, nutritional yeast is the next best thing! It contains zero fat and is high in B-12. Sprinkle it on pasta or use it to make a ‘cheesey’ sauce. I absolutely love it. Just ask Francis who always widens his eyes when I drown my food in it. You don’t need cheese which is filled with saturated fat, pus, growth hormones and more. Just eat the healthy, cruelty-free alternative!


The best peanut butter smoothie I’ve ever tasted with almond milk & cinnamon!

I get that cinnamon isn’t technically a food but did you know it is an aphrodisiac for women? It increases your appetite not only physically but sexually. I won’t attest to that but I will say cinnamon and I have a special bond. I love it and put it on my oats every single morning. The smell is enticing and the taste heavenly. It is my all time favourite spice in the world. There’s something about it that’s so warming and comforting. Do you agree?



Last but not least…my beloved avocado. I cannot get enough. Whether it’s made into guacamole, smashed on toast or incorporated into desserts…I’m happiest when I’m eating it. Avocado provides a substantial amount of healthy monosaturated fats and are incredibly nutrient dense. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy this delectable fruit. They will help you lower high cholesterol which is not an issue for vegans as we consume 0% cholesterol apart from what our bodies naturally produce. We just eat it for the fun & taste!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Of course, there are many more in my list but these are without a doubt my favourites. They all feature regularly in my diet week to week and leave me feeling and looking my best. What are your 10 favourite foods? What do you find yourself eating all the time?

See you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. I love rice and pasta too! They are so easy to turn into filing meals especially if you don’t heap too much oil all over. Aside from those, I love healthy chips and am on the hunt for them 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel! Great to hear you love filling meals that don’t have much oil. I also avoid oil in my food as it makes me bloat and break out in pimples. Healthy potato chips can be baked in the oven without any oil or salt or butter!

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