July 23rd – My Dream Job…

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 23 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge in July! Today, I have been asked to share my dream job. Well, I actually have 3 dream jobs so here they are:

1.) I would love to become a vegan travel blogger. I love exploring the world already and blogging about all the best plant-based places to eat (just check out my Vegan Travel section!) but imagine being paid to do exactly that? How incredible! Francis could do the photography and I, the writing. This is my number one, ultimate dream job. You never know…stranger things have happened!

2.) I would love to become a full time author. I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t fantasised about my Signs of the Zodiac Series taking off. I’ve even got the movie, actors, soundtrack and costumes planned out in my head! Having unlimited time to dedicate to my biggest passion would be a dream come true. I could spend my life writing novels, short-stories, poetry, blogging, articles, fiction, non-fiction etc, and be the happiest camper this world has ever seen! Having said that, I plan to do those things anyway and even if I’m never recognised or paid for my work, I actually don’t mind. I never wrote Astrology Pond or Facing the Stars for the fame…I wrote them simply because I love writing. It’s the only passion of mine I keep going back to. As long as my life is one filled with creative expression (which I know it will be) my existence is already made.

P.S If you haven’t read Big Magic yet by Elizabeth Gilbert – do it! Her entire book is dedicated to creative expression and making things for the love, not the reward.

3.) Back at University, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Major in History) and a post-graduate diploma in Museum Management. I tried for a long time to break into this field and failed. I volunteered at several museums, did an internship, spoke to professionals in the business, took further study (I also have a cultural collections certification from an online course) and applied for job after job. It just didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen though. I believe that timing is everything and at this point in my life, I’m not meant to be working in a museum, heritage centre, archive, library or cultural institution but I do believe that one day…I will. Watch this space!

Follow Your Dreams…Get Inspired!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your dream jobs? The common recurring theme in mine involves creative expression which is something I value above all. I want to spend my life creating, writing, reading, expressing and travelling. I already do this so I’m very content but should one of these 3 dream jobs fall into my lap…I won’t say no! 

See you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo 

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  1. And you are a very creative person, Bec! Yes, you never know. Maybe one day you will live one of your dream jobs – you are already doing so much with your life every day and I wish I can be like you. Francis is a great photographer, I can say that one hundred times and not get bored 😀 x

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