July 24th – My Favourite Childhood Book

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Welcome to Day 24 of the July 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Today, I’m going to share with you my favourite childhood book or rather, books. When I reflect on my childhood, I immediately think Enid Blyton. How about you? I grew up reading her vast array of wonderful and imaginative novels. I had many favourites but one particular series (which I’m sure you can relate to) stood out the most and was read multiple times through the eyes of an excited and curious child.

The Magic Faraway Tree Series…

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I’m sure a lot of you know about this wonderful and magical trilogy but if you don’t, I will tell you the basic premise. Three children move to a new home which is situated right outside a forest. One day, they decide to explore the woods and find a giant, mystical tree that reaches all the way to the clouds. They soon discover that the tree is indeed enchanted and several lovable, quirky characters live within it. At the very top, there is a ladder that opens up into a different land. You are able to visit said land but only for a short amount of time as it moves onto the next land and the ladder to descend back onto the tree disappears. As a child, reading about strange and exciting realms filled me with joy and a penchant for fantasy fiction. I never tired of reading these stories over and over again…

Book 1

The Enchanted Wood is the first novel in the series. It introduces the three siblings Jo, Bessie & Fanny who move outside the dark, other-worldly forest. When they begin climbing the Magic Faraway Tree, they meet lifelong friends Moon-Face, Silky, Dame Washalot, Mr Watzisname, The Saucpan Man & The Angry Pixie. Together, they explore the worlds at the top of the tree; facing danger and fun depending on the land. For example, one realm they visit: ‘The Rocking Land’ consists of constant movement and the inability to take one step forward without taking ten steps back. In ‘The Land of Take What You Want’, the children quite literally take whatever they want for free. Each book ends with a happy land that wraps the story up nicely.

Book 2

In the sequel, the children’s cousin Dick comes to stay and they introduce him to the Magic Faraway Tree. Dick is incredibly mischievous and lands them into a lot of trouble by recklessly visiting lands without making sure they are safe first. Realms such as ‘The Land of Tempers’ & ‘The Land of Birthdays’ make an appearance and ultimately the experiences teach Dick to be a little less naughty.

Book 3

The final book in the trilogy sees the children’s mother’s friend Connie come to visit. Connie is spoiled and selfish. She does not get along with any of the children and is incredibly rude to the residents of the Magic Faraway Tree. Connie’s curiosity and lack of respect lead her into trouble when she gets stuck in a land and requires the help of her friends. Through it all, she changes her ways and uncovers valuable lessons. The book ends in ‘The Land of Treats.’

What I love about this series is how imaginative and wondrous it is. The Magic Faraway Tree presented endless possibilities to me as young child and I even remember pretending that our tree in the front yard was enchanted. I cannot wait to read this series to my children and see the excitement shine out of their eyes like mine did.

Thank you for reading. What was your favourite childhood book or books?

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  1. I’ve never read this series but it sounds fun. My favorite childhood book was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis.

    1. Oh it’s a classic you should definitely read one day! I loved The Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe! Another timeless fantasy story about hidden worlds 🙂 thank you for sharing!

  2. This was my favourite series from Enid Blyton! I had all three books and I remember all the characters you mentioned. Apart from the adventurous children, I really liked Moon-Face and his slippery slide 😀 It was this set of books that inspired me to write about a group of kids hunting for baddies in a castle and a fire-breathing dragon to save the world when I was seven.

    I also really liked Malory Towers, read all of the series and back then as a kid, I thought those books had a lot of words!

    1. Oh yay! I’m so glad you could relate! Yes the slippery slide! Didn’t you wish you could have one too?! I loved Malory Towers too and the Naughtiest Girl in School!

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