July 31st – Why Do I Blog?

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 31 of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge! I absolutely loved posting daily and I just want to thank everybody who commented, liked and read what I put out. In just this month alone, I had over 1,100 views which astounds and humbles me. Today’s final topic ‘Why Do I Blog’ is the perfect way to end a blissful month of writing and self-reflection.

There are so many reasons why I like to blog. First and foremost…I love writing period. I have loved to write ever since I was a little girl and the infatuation only grew as I did. Before Peace.Love.Veggies, I had tried launching a blog twice but the timing never felt right and I wasn’t sure what content I wanted to create. In March 2015, I was full of inspiration after my first novel had been published and from the moment I began, the posts kept flowing organically. It didn’t matter to me who read my work and who didn’t as long as I got to write, create and express myself. Now, I cannot imagine not having a blog as it brings me so much joy. Not once did this 31 Day Challenge ever stress or irritate me. I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it.

The second reason I love to blog is it inadvertently assists me with self-love, growth & development. Having an online diary allows me to be brutally honest about my life and this in turn, is healing, brave and nourishing for my soul. I get to explore topics that require uncovering. I get to share pieces of myself with friends, family and strangers. I’m no longer afraid to say exactly how I feel or what I’m currently struggling with. I have received so much love and support from fellow readers. I have even had friends message privately saying they know me better now. I have always declared that I write far better than I speak so if I haven’t always been 100% upfront in the past, it’s because I needed the right platform in which to do so. Writing is my craft which I will continue to perfect until the day I die.

The third reason why I blog is because creative outlets are one of the most important things to have in life. As Elizabeth Gilbert says in Big Magic: ‘if you’re alive, you’re a creative person.’ We were never just born to pay bills and die. We are creatures of great ideas, thoughts & gifts which are just waiting to be discovered within. My hidden gem is writing and knowing that I get to share that with the world is the most wondrous blessing. It almost feels like a societal act of rebellion sometimes. Sure, I’ll work and make a contribution but I’m going say exactly what I think at the same time. Our creativity is one of the many things that truly makes life worth living. You can work like a dog for the rest of your days but please make time for your craft.

I could list several more reasons but I’ll leave it there. Please let me know why you love to blog and thank you again for taking this journey with me. I will be uploading my July Favourites tomorrow and after that, I will resume posting weekly. In 2017, I am thinking about blogging more regularly throughout the week so stay tuned!


Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. Congratulations on blogging for each day of July, Bec! It is a wonderful achievement and each day, you get to write something with purpose. I have enjoyed following along and reading and commenting on each post – it gave me something to look forward to, be a part of and throughout all this, it reminds me of what a driven person you are. And most importantly, a great friend 🙂

    “I have always declared that I write far better than I speak so if I haven’t always been 100% upfront in the past, it’s because I needed the right platform in which to do so.” This is also the main reason I blog, and the main reason I write. There are so, so, so many times around both friends and strangers I don’t know what to say and so I keep quiet, lol :/ Another reason I blog is because I feel I can learn so much from it, from myself as I list down my thoughts, and also from all the other bloggers around the world.

    Once again, congrats on blogging every day and best of luck for your next adventure <3

    1. Thank you Mabel! It was so much fun, I really enjoyed it and I’m so glad you did too! Blogging is so good for us introverts that aren’t so confident with speaking and I agree that we learn so much from our own writing. <3 <3

  2. Awesome post! I too have made multiple attempts at starting a blog and just like you , it was never the right time. Blogging every day is some work, but congrats . I’m thinking of doing a challenge myself !

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