Why You Should Listen To Your Intuition

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Today, I want to discuss why listening to our intuition is essential for a long, fulfilling and happy life. Intuition is a knowing deep within us that transcends conscious reasoning. It can also be referred to as a ‘gut-feeling’ or ‘that little voice’ that speaks to us when something doesn’t feel quite right. Humans as a whole, already have the ‘flight or fight’ response embedded inside them that warns of imminent threats/dangers. Our intuition is more specific and will make itself known before a big decision, when meeting a new person or simply to alert that our lives could be more inspiring if only we listened to it.


Listening to your intuition requires great skill, practice and a willingness to put your own needs first. The more you connect with what it’s trying to tell you, the louder and more frequently it will speak. When we ignore our intuition, it’s usually because we are scared. For example, when I was 20, I was in a relationship with somebody I knew wasn’t right for me. I wasn’t in love and quite frankly, wanted to change everything about him. I knew deep down that I was only with him because I was lonely but I refused to acknowledge my nagging inner wisdom telling me to get out and because of this, prolonged it for two whole years. If I had attuned myself to that voice, I wouldn’t have even go on one date with him but unfortunately, low self-esteem leads to poor choices and deep insecurities go hand in hand with not paying attention to our intuition.

I like to view my intuition as a guide rather than a feeling. When I’m receptive to it, we work together to create the best life possible. If I was to suddenly become very unhappy in my job, my intuition would let me know. Rather than brush it off, I would take heed of its message and either speak to my manager or look for another role. By taking these necessary steps, I would automatically be happier and back on the path to peace. The same goes with friendships. Since my self-love journey began four years ago, I have let go of a lot of people in my life that were negative, destructive and altogether hazardous for my mental wellbeing. My intuition would be screaming, letting me know that these people did not bring out the best in me, weren’t happy for me or enhanced my life in any positive way so I gently removed myself from their company. Now, I am surrounded by the most supportive, nurturing friends & work in a job I love. I travel every chance I get, am in the most wonderful relationship with a man who is soon to become my husband and my spare time is filled with nourishing, soulful activities that make me happy.


My life now reflects just how closely I collaborate with my helpful and trusted advisor. As I mentioned, the more we practice listening, the easier it becomes. My intuition chats to me even about the smallest of things. In October, I am getting married and for the ceremony we are required to pick 4 songs. 1 to walk down the aisle, 2 for the signing of the certificates and 1 for the closing of the ceremony. We were 100% certain about 3 of them but the last one I had picked didn’t feel right. I could’ve left it. It wasn’t the end of the world nor the song I was walking down the aisle to but I listened to what my intuition was telling me and removed it from the set list. A few weeks ago, I was reading somebody’s blog and they recommended the song ‘Bloom’ by The Paper Kites. I listened to it and knew in that moment it had to be part of the set list. I played it to Francis and he agreed. Now, I feel 100% about all 4 songs and couldn’t be more grateful to my guide for helping make our special day that bit better. This is what our intuition does. It tells us to enrol in that course, take a year off to travel, join that gym, marry that person, have children, buy that house, avoid trusting that colleague, don’t invest in that particular stock, learn a language, apply for that job and more. It wants the best for us. It’s primary purpose is to steer us in the right direction and all we have to do is allow it to take the wheel.


I know it can be scary to connect with our guide. It’s confronting knowing deep down that somebody isn’t right for us or that our life will truly begin once we move to another country. Be prepared because you’re going to be faced with some things you don’t want to hear. The moment we accept what our intuition is telling us, is the moment it becomes real and this is why so many people (including myself in the past) shut it out for so long. Some never listen and then wonder why they are so unhappy. As they say, when in doubt go without. After my dreadful relationship of two years ended, I was given the opportunity to see how far I’d come. Somebody new was interested in me and I was struggling to feel even a flutter. They were so nice, we went on a couple of dates but when they began to push for something more serious, I pulled out a pen and paper and began writing a pro-con list as to why we should be a couple. Halfway through my scribbles, my intuition piped up (in a rather sarcastic tone) and said ‘the fact that you have to write a pro-con list tells me everything. If they were right, no list would be necessary!’ I couldn’t believe that I was about to repeat the same pattern! I threw down my pen, contacted the person and let them down gently. When I finally met Francis, my intuition sung ‘this is the one, this is the one’ and I never had a moment of hesitation.


This insightful friend pushed me to get my books published. It encouraged me to start my blog. It urged me to go to New Orleans which led to my meeting Anne Rice. It roared ‘yes’ when Francis asked me to marry him. It told me to go for a new job in my organisation. It warned me not to trust certain people. It said ‘you don’t like Reiki that much, stop doing the course.’ It whispered in my ear ‘before you have children, travel to Europe with Francis or you won’t get to go for a very long time.’ It told me that our wedding had to be vegan or it wouldn’t be authentic to us. And most recently, it begged me to get off social media as it was making me so unhappy. It promised me once I did I would be much happier and less stressed. What do you know? My intuition came through once again! It’s just that deep knowing. You know this is the dress you want to wear to your party. You know this is the University you want to go to. You know this is the career you’re after. You know this is the home of your dreams. It all feels so right…


Here are a few ways you can connect with your intuition: 

  • Meditate (sit in silence and make note of the recurring thoughts that arise).
  • Grab a pen, paper and just write. Write what you want, desire, traits you look for in relationships, places you want to travel to, careers you want to explore and activities you enjoy doing. Do these wishes match your current life? Act accordingly!
  • Get real & brutally honest. Either write or mentally reflect on all the times your intuition was trying to tell you something and you didn’t listen. It has always been there just waiting for you notice it.
  • Ask yourself tough questions and pay attention to the feelings that follow. For example: Does this job make me happy? Do I see a future with my current partner? Am I content with my life? Scary I know but this is the start of something wonderful.
  • If you’re still unsure, talk to people you trust and that know you well. Ask them if they think you’re living as your most authentic self. You might be surprised at what they say.
  • Read self-love books! I highly recommend ‘Radical-Self Love’ by Gala Darling & ‘Adventures for your Soul’ by Shannon Kaiser.

Embrace what your intuition is trying to tell you and know that it’s speaking to you for a good reason. It’s trying to save you. It could prevent you from walking down a dangerous alley or getting into a car with a drunk driver. It could ensure you don’t waste years of your life with the wrong person, in the wrong job, in the wrong city with the wrong friends. If you just tune inwards, your life will magically open up. Trust and love yourself enough to reflect on your heart’s desires…


Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. I like how you see intuition as a guide and not a feeling. I actually like to think of it as a feeling that guides us. Intuition can be a scary thing in a sense that it can sort predict the future. Then again, I am the kind who believes that things happen for a reason.

    Good to hear that you stood up for yourself with the help of your gut feeling over the year. I think the point about being honest is the hardest one. Being honest isn’t always a bed of roses. No matter how much we may prepare, there are some things that we will find confronting and hard to accept.

    One of the strongest times when I felt my intuition nagging at me was almost four years ago. At that time I was still keen on pursuing a career in the media but no doors were opening up. A few years back I had a blog but it went no where. But something in me told me to start a blog again and put my writing out there. I did on a whim, and I have never looked back. Trust and you shall move forwards and see the light x

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