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It has been a while since I did an unboxing post. If you’re interested in reading my last two previous ones, please read The Vegan Beauty Box – Summer Special! & The Handmade Box.

I really felt like getting back into subscription boxes this year as I truly enjoy receiving a mystery package full of goodies each month. I hunted high and low for all types and finally landed on The Kawaii Box (Kawaii translates to ‘cute’ in Japanese). What drew me in was their worldwide free shipping and Blogger Affiliates Program that allows members to share their products and receive rewards based on how many referrals they obtain. Not only that, I absolutely love cute things and for $27 AUD a month, you are provided with 10-12 handpicked items from Japan & Korea that are incredibly adorable. You can pick a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or yearly plan and opt out at anytime.




Unfortunately the box itself was water damaged when I received it (luckily none of the products inside were) so I could not take a good picture of it. It was however, a white cardboard box with purple and pink hearts on it. Upon opening the box, this thank you card was resting on top and on the back, it explained what each item was. I received 11 items in total. It also gave me pamphlets and extra information regarding The Kawaii Box and its Blogger Affiliates Program.



The first item I pulled out was this snack – Meiji Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks with Sprinkles. Unfortunately this product was not vegan so I gave it to a friend. I wrote to Kawaii Box afterwards asking if they could remove the snacks from my future boxes altogether and they replied saying they couldn’t but a lot of their vegan subscribers simply gift the items to other people. Aside from not being able to eat it, the packaging is very cute and I believe these snacks are similar to Pocky where you dip the stick biscuits into chocolate and cover them in sprinkles. The Kawaii Box told me to check out their online store Blippo where they source the snacks from and some are vegan so I may get lucky in the future!

ITEM #2 


My next item was this adorable plushie! She is definitely one of my top favourite products from this month’s box. She is from the Sumikko Gurashi range and her name is Neko (which means cat in Japanese). Neko is described as: ‘an always shy cat – often facing towards the corner; she sharpens her claws.’ As you can see by the picture, she has her paws stuck together. Sumikko Gurashi literally translates to ‘corner-living’ and this range of San-X plushies were created to depict shy Japanese people that prefer to sit in the corners of cafès and trains. Basically, she is an introvert just like me! Neko is incredibly soft, squishy, has a bean-bag type underside and brown splotches on her back. She also has a gold chain at the top so you can hang her somewhere or clip her onto a keyring. Cute!

ITEM #3 


I loved this next product! It’s a standing 2017 Panda Calendar for a work or home office. I have a large wall calendar at home but not a small one for my desk at work so I was really happy to receive something I knew will be used with joy. All of my friends know I adore pandas and each month is filled with quirky illustrations and the winking cutie at the top. It’s a great way to start the new year!



This fourth piece is the Macaron Kawaii Keychain. It is bright pink and completely made of plastic. You can open it up and store things inside or just clip it onto your keys or bag to brighten them up. I clipped mine onto my white backpack for some colour and love how the golden clip matched the gold on my bag. How cute is the little pink bear that comes with it? I swear this box is perfect for me and yes I’m an adult!

ITEM #5 


 This next item pleases my little creative heart. I love stickers and am forever using them in my journals. This is the Dessert Sticker Sheet and as you can see, it is filled with sweet treats and cute figures. It is resting on my Sailor Mercury journal that I got for Christmas from Etsy and I cannot wait to fill it with these bright, happy faces and smiling desserts. 

ITEM #6 


This next product is the Popcorn Super LED Mini Light. This tiny torch is very cute and as you might be able to tell by the picture, the light is quite strong. This weekend I am going glamping with my mum and sister and it’s required we bring a torch so this is perfect. If we need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, it will be better to use this high-powered flashlight rather than drain the batteries on our phones. It is always handy to have a torch in the house. You never know when you might need it…

ITEM #7 


How cute are these little guys? They are the Pastel Cookie Erasers in orange & hot pink. I don’t actually have any erasers and as I mentioned earlier, I love to journal and colour so these will be extremely useful to me when I make an error. I really like their facial expressions. So full of sass! 

ITEM #8 


Next up is the Sweet Kokeshi Pen in teal. She reminds me of a Harajuku doll with her sweet bow and fake eyelashes. I really like the floral cap that resembles her dress. It’s this little detailing that completes the look. This pen is really good quality. It is has black, glossy ink that could easily smudge letters when writing so as a lefty, I need to be mindful of that. I have already started using it for journaling and go by the philosophy ‘you can never have too many pens.’ By the way, how lovely is the lamp my sister got me for Christmas? I love the many coloured jewels and the way the light reflects off of them when turned on. 

ITEM #9 


I’m not really sure what I’m going to use this item for. It’s the Good Morning Mini Box and has four little white sections to put small items in. The packaging is super adorable. I guess that’s the point with The Kawaii Box. Every single thing is meant to get a ‘oh how cute’ reaction and it certainly did from me. It does say ‘Good Morning’ so maybe it’s a pill box for medication you would take upon waking? It could be for anything. Let me know in the comments below what you would use this for. 

ITEM #10 


This was probably my least favourite product…only because I don’t ever do my nails except paint my toes occasionally. It is the Petit Nail Art Set and it comes with a wide range of colourful gems, a pair of white plastic tweezers and a pink/green (if you turn it over) nail file in the shape of a bow. I really like the nail file and don’t have one so that is a positive. I was either planning on trying nail art for the first time or using the gems in my journal decorating. What do you think?

ITEM #11 


I saved the best till last in my personal opinion. This was by far my favourite product in the entire box. It is the Cutie Deco Tape Set and comes in five different sparkly colours. This is actually called washi tape which is specifically used for journaling or scrap-booking and is very popular in Japan. I spend a lot of time printing pictures and sticking them in my journals so this item was perfect for me. It really adds a special creative finish to my creative projects. I can also use these when wrapping presents and give my gifts a unique touch. What a great idea! I could not <3 it more! 

So this was everything I received in the December 2016 Kawaii Box. My top three favourites were definitely the washi tape, the plushie and the calendar. What did you love? I found it so enjoyable to unpack and even the items I wasn’t sure about were still really cute.

I only ended up getting 3 boxes before I decided to unsubscribe. I found that their products were pretty much the same from month to month but I still really like the company and the items I did receive during my subscription.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below. Thank you for reading.

Peace & Love xoxo

Disclaimer: I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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  1. I like ALL of them!!!! Can’t pick a favorite. The torch light looks really cute and so does the calendar. Very practical and stylish and haha, who cares if you are am adult 😂 Fresco looks like he found something that he like too. Agree it can be great for a pill box. Or maybe a coin box to put coins at home 😊

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! I definitely plan to continue getting this box monthly! Thank you for letting me know about the box. I don’t take any pills haha maybe I can use it as a decorative item or give it to my family <3 x

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