January Favourites 2017!

Hi all!

Welcome to my first favourites post for 2017! I really enjoy writing these and they will be displayed in the same way as my 2016 posts with 8 favourites in total; the last being my best moment for that month. I am also going to list all of the books I read each month along with a star rating out of 5. As mentioned in my previous post: 7 Creative Ways To Read More! – this year I am trying to read every single day so I want to fit in as many books as possible monthly. January was really fun and a very memorable month to kick off the new year. Let me show you what I was loving this summer!


1.) Game – Pokemon Moon on Nintendo 3DS


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I could not get enough of Pokemon Moon this summer. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and I spent hours upon hours playing it with excitement. I have played almost every Pokemon game ever released and I have to say, this is probably my favourite one on DS so far. Set in the tropical region of Alola, your character is tasked with travelling from island to island completing trials and battling big kahunas to obtain Z Crystals. In every other Pokemon game ever created, your mission is to defeat gym leaders and receive badges but this time around, there are no gyms or badges involved. The seven trials host a different element and require you to battle a gigantic Totem Pokemon at the end. The graphics are vividly beautiful, there are so many new features and the Pokemon are adorable. I was really pleased to see how many of the original 150 were featured. I always start off with a Water-Type Pokemon and as you can see on the picture above, my starter was a cute seal named Popplio! I would highly recommend playing either Sun or Moon. It is incredibly addictive and full of adventure!

2.) Book – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (150th Anniversary Edition Illustrated by Salvador Dali) 


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This book is so very special to me. It was given to Francis and I as a wedding gift by our dearest friends Corrinna & Luke. Inside the book is this lovely inscription: ‘Dear Rebecca and Francis. Wishing you life’s greatest happiness as you jump down the rabbit-hole of marriage – a wonderful new life to share and enjoy together.’ It encompasses two wonderful things: Disney & the brilliant artistry of Salvador Dali. Corrinna and I went to see his exhibit together years ago and I remember being blown away by his works. I love how each chapter of the book features his paintings to accompany the storyline. I had already read this book as a child but revisiting it in such a beautiful way this January was truly a highlight. I will treasure this edition forever. 

3.) Movie – Moana  

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I cannot even begin to tell you how long I have wanted to see this movie. My sister and I went to see it early January and absolutely loved it! The story revolves around restless Polynesian Princess Moana hellbent on discovering who she is outside of her chieftain responsibilities. When her island begins to disintegrate, she is chosen by the ocean itself to save it. Moana teams up with cheeky demi-god Maui to sail to Tafiti and return a precious stone that will restore life to the world. It is one of the most visually stunning Disney movies I have ever seen and the songs were so catchy. I particularly like ‘You’re Welcome’ by Maui best. Watch the trailer above and go see it if you haven’t already!

4.) Clothing – Custom ‘Sailor Mercury’ Denim Shorts 

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In summer, a staple item is definitely a pair of denim, cut-off shorts. I bought these online last year and wear them nearly every weekend or after work. After watching a lot of pop-culture and DIY type videos, I was inspired to purchase a patch and give them a unique ‘Bec-Twist.’ It is no secret that Sailor Mercury is my absolute favourite cartoon/anime/manga character. My favourite colour has always been blue. My zodiac sign’s planet is Mercury and like Ami, I was always the sensible, bookish one in my group of friends. I found this super cheap and adorable patch on Etsy and with the help of my mum (let’s be honest, she did the whole thing), it was ironed onto my shorts. I love how simple but unique and subtle it is too. Have you ever decorated your clothes with patches before? Which ones have you used?

5.) T.V Show – Westworld 

What I loved most about this show was the concept. Set in a futuristic western theme-park resides ‘hosts’ that are essentially androids but look exactly like humans. Wealthy people from all over the world are given the opportunity to visit Westworld and do whatever they wish without fear of retaliation from the hosts. Each host has a story-line programmed into them and they follow it daily in the exact same way. Dolores Abernathy (played by Evan Rachel Wood) is the oldest host in the park and has lived many story-lines. When she begins showing signs of a developing consciousness, the creators of the park find themselves facing off against their creations. Watch the trailer above for a visual plot summary. It is highly addictive. Unfortunately there are only 10 episodes in Season 1 and Season 2 will not air until 2018 so fans will have to wait a while for their questions to be answered.

6.) Collection – Disney Tsum Tsums 


For those of you that aren’t familiar with Tsum Tsum’s – they are essentially the Japanese Kawaii version of Disney character plush toys. You can buy them in large or small sizes. I personally love the tiny sizes and have really enjoyed collecting them whenever I get a chance. You can literally get every Disney character imaginable; even the Oyster from Alice in Wonderland! The small ones typically range from $5-$8 each and as you can see by the picture above, they stack easily on top of one another as their underside is quite rough. At this point in time I have Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Goofy, Jack Skellington, Dumbo, Timon, Pumbaa, Olaf, Anna & Elsa. Dumbo is definitely my favourite. He was the first Tsum Tsum I ever bought and he is so adorable. I would love to keep building the collection and place them on our bookshelves when we move into our house. If there is one thing I know will last forever, it’s my love of Disney!

7.) Accessory – Water Bottle ‘Santorini’ by S’well®


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I had to invest in a new water bottle after I found a hole in my old Gemini one. I decided to spend a bit more in a good quality, eco-friendly and health-safe bottle from S’well. There were so many different shades and patterns but I settled on the ‘Santorini’ as it looks beautiful and gets me excited about visiting Greece this June. The S’well range bottles are 18/8 double-walled stainless steel, BPA free (this is very important) and non-toxic. The vacuum seal allows water to stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. This has been an absolute lifesaver for the scorching Australian summer. Earlier this month I left my bottle inside the car for several hours on a 35 degree day and when I returned, the water was still icy cold. These bottles are 100% reusable and environmentally sound.

8.) Memory – Best Moment of January 2017 


Without a doubt, my favourite moment in January 2017 was experiencing glamping with my mum and sister. You can read more about it in my previous blog: Glamping Getaway – Photo Diary. One afternoon in particular, we came back as the sun was beginning to set, opened our tent up to let the cool air flow in and read our books. It was so peaceful I fell asleep. I’ll never forget the fun we had and the memories made.

I also got a new job in January! I will be working at Melbourne University and leaving my current place of work that I’ve been in for 5+ years. I’m so excited for this new chapter! 


– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – 5/5 STARS 

– Kiss Me Like a Stranger (Autobiography) by Gene Wilder – 5/5 STARS 

– The Assassin’s Blade: The Throne of Glass Novellas by Sarah J. Maas – 4/5 STARS

I really hope you enjoyed this post. What were your favourites for January? What do you love most about this season be it summer or winter? Thank you for reading as always.

Peace & Love xoxox

Disclaimer: This post contains links to my Amazon Affiliate which helps fund my blog, I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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  1. This is such a happy post! I loved how so many things were enjoyable for you. Didn’t know you actually play Pokemon. I do too but have been so busy this last year, so have a lot to catch up with it. I usually like going with land or fire pokemon, but always have a squirtle as I build up my team 😊🌊

    I also like wearing shorts. Perfect for summer and I am really enjoying summer weather. This month I am thankful for a good team at work, and also got to go the tennis and take photos of Rafa Nadal 😍 Wishing you a good February, my friend 😊😊😊

    1. Thank you friend!! I love Pokemon! I have been playing it since I was a teenager and this latest one is fantastic. It sounds like a wonderful month for you and I would love to see your tennis photos – I have no doubt they are incredible! Also, I picked up your book from the post office this morning!!! I already read one story and now I’m up to yours 🙂 I cannot wait to read and review and would love for you to sign it too xxx

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