Why Eugenia Cooney Does Not Know She Is Dying…

PLEASE NOTE: If you are suffering at all from anorexia nervosa or an eating disorder of any kind, please seek help. There are great reading resources and hotlines you can call such as:

Butterfly National


Project Know


Mind Blank (in Australia)

Hi all!

This post is going to be quite different to what I typically write about but I feel compelled to address this issue as I am highly empathetic towards mental illness and wish to continue promoting the theme of peace and love as per my blog name.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Eugenia Cooney, she is a 22 year old YouTube star with over 1 million subscribers. Her videos mainly revolve around fashion, makeup and pop culture. The only reason I know of her is because she is incredibly controversial and a victim of daily online abuse. Why? Well, if you look her up, you will see that Eugenia is quite evidently anorexic.

Her YouTube Channel!

This photograph was taken at Bruno’s Sculpture Garden by my husband

A petition has actually been set up to demand that Eugenia remove herself from social media as her deteriorating body is potentially influencing fans worldwide to develop their own eating disorders. Parents of susceptible young teenagers are terrified that their children will follow in Eugenia’s footsteps, believing her look to be cool and fashionable. I took it upon myself recently to watch one of her videos reacting to hate comments and was absolutely disgusted by what everybody was saying. Here are just a few comments (I apologise in advance for the bad language):

  • Kill yourself.
  • Eat a whole f**ing pie skinny piece of sh*t, it will probably get you somewhere in life emo-f**er. Also, slit your wrists stupid sl*t. F**ing attention wh*re, I hope you get f**ing raped and die you f**ing white paint splat. 
  • You probably had no friends because you’re anorexic and emo and they thought you were a ghost.
  • Die you f**ing twig, no sane person gives a sh*t about what you do. You and all your subs (subscribers) should be liquidised like Jews. 
  • You’re skinny you freak, go rape yourself. 
  • Literally 90% of the population hates you. 
  • Can’t wait till this edgy bitch dies so everyone remembers her as that one girl on YouTube  that died because she refused to gain weight. I’m really only subscribed because I am waiting for her to kill herself or die of starvation. 

Doesn’t reading these hateful messages just make you sick? Yes, Eugenia Cooney refuses to admit she is anorexic and frequently states that this is just her body-type. Yes, it is understandable that parents are worried for their children watching her. Yes, perhaps her YouTube Channel should be removed whilst this continues. But does this hateful and horrible approach help anything at all? No it does not. Eugenia Cooney does not know she has anorexia nervosa as those diagnosed with this mental illness perceive themselves to be fat. I have never had anorexia nor bulimia but years ago I did have ED thoughts so I understand that what Eugenia sees in the mirror is completely different to what we see and she is filled with fear of food every single day. Eugenia comes from the United States where around 30 million Americans suffer from eating disorders. People hurling abuse and hatred her way will not help her get any better. Followers demanding that she admit she’s dying is futile. Eugenia doesn’t know she is dying. She has a dysmorphic view of her body and needs extreme care. I cannot tell you how many people have suggested she ‘just go eat something.’  It isn’t that simple and this will not solve her issues. Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness and without proper medical care and psychiatric help, she will not be able to overcome it just by eating something.

The one thing I do not understand however is Eugenia’s circle of family, friends & boyfriend. Her mother (who has made an appearance on her videos and is actually overweight) does not seem too concerned with her daughter’s physique. I don’t want to make statements without knowing the full story but if my child was starting to look sickly, I would drag them kicking and screaming to get help no matter how much they hated me and protested in the process. Even Dr. Phil invited her on his show so he could offer his services and she refused. It is well known that a person cannot get help unless they are willing but in this case, Eugenia may not have much longer to live. If I was within her close network, I would be taking urgent action on her behalf. What do you think?


If nobody does step up for Eugenia, I believe one of two things will happen. Either she will die from organ failure and brain shrinkage or she will fall into a coma and if revived, will view this as her wake-up call to begin recovery. I hope it’s the latter. In the meantime, we need to give love to Eugenia not hate. She is suffering and compassion is paramount during this confusing time in her life. I really like Eugenia; she’s funny and very sweet. I hope she finds her way and puts her health first. I really wish people would stop abusing her. We need to sympathise with her and educate ourselves on how a mental illness can completely take over our lives. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. Victims will either commit suicide or die from their bodies completely shutting down. I am sending all of my love to Eugenia and I hope everybody else does the same.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Peace & Love xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Why Eugenia Cooney Does Not Know She Is Dying…

  1. I’ve followed Eugenia Cooney for a while. I discovered her for the same reason as you did – other YouTubers were making hate videos towards her and so I checked out her channel. It is shocking to read so many hate comments on her YouTube and IG, and agree with you hate and tearing her down will not solve the problem.

    Eugenia has never publically admitted if she has a problem and even her parents don’t seem to acknowledge it, at least not publicly in her videos. Maybe she is anorexic, or maybe she has a disorder where her body doesn’t absorb what she eats, maybe she has a disease, it could be anything. But looking skeletal is a worrying look and being a public figure at the same time is all the more worrying. While she may inspire with her fashion sense (which I think is cute), it is concerning that her figure can inspire so many out there to get down to look like her body-wise – and naturally body image and beauty are the bigger topics at play here.

    Maybe she is using the way she looks to get attention. I really hope not because that would be very sick 😦

    I find it hard to tell if Eugenia is really happy in her videos. Ignoring the way she looks, I find that she comes across as someone who does what she loves (though I must say I am surprised a lot of the clothes she tries on fits her). I hope she is and if there really is anything going on with her, she is getting the help she needs. We all deal with our own issues in our own ways – some of us reach out to others, some of us prefer to keep quiet.

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    1. Hi Mabel! I absolutely agree with everything you wrote and I really like Eugenia too. I wish everybody was more compassionate towards her, hate never solves anything. It just inspires more hate. I hope she is happy and looks after herself before it’s too late. So much damage can be done just by a few taps on the keyboard. Sending her love x

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  2. I thought this was a very compassionate article. I worry about this girl. When I was in my teens I was very thin and really didn’t see it until my adulthood. When you are in the eye of the storm, you can’t see it. The hatred is what fuels the storm. Sick and twisted people like to fuel the storm be it fan or foe. She could be so lovely but feels opposite. I do judge her mom. This poor baby needs help. How is it not possible for someone to get a court order and have her comitted? She needs help!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment – I’m glad you recovered as an adult and thriving now. I agree that hatred fuels the storm. It really just breeds more hate. I hope she gets all the help and love she needs before it’s too late ❤️😍


  3. Thank you for this. You’re right, people can’t just expect her to eat and for everything to be absolutely fine again. Mental health issues need to approaches properly and with care. Some of these comments disgust me.

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    1. You’re very welcome 🙂 hatred solves nothing and she needs immediate care to get healthy. Have a lovely day 🙂


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