April 9th-Which Is My Favourite Disney (Human) Couple?

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Welcome to Day 9 of the 30 Day Disney Blogging Challenge! 

Today, we are looking at my favourite Disney (Human) Couple. Yes that means I will be discussing my favourite Animal Couple as well. To be perfectly honest, I much prefer the more modern Disney relationships compared to the classical ones as they feel much more like equals. I find the earlier Disney Princesses to be quite dependant on the Princes and there are consistent themes of submission and needing a man in order to be saved.

In today’s post, I wish to focus on the progression between these two lovebirds. I like that they don’t connect instantaneously and that we witness their romantic build-up as well as the difficult trials they face before ultimately ending up together. I am of course referring to…


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Rapunzel has no idea who she really is. Captured by the evil Mother Gothel at birth for exploitation, she is locked away in a tower in the middle of the forest with only her pet chameleon Pascal for company. The abducted princess has beautiful long, golden hair which possesses magical healing powers to reverse time. Mother Gothel uses her gift to remain youthful in appearance. Rapunzel has just one wish. She has always wanted to watch the floating lantern festival that occurs every year on her birthday. Little does she know, this event is held in her honour by her grieving parents who believe her to be dead. Mother Gothel refuses, declaring that the outside world is a dangerous place. On the morning of her birthday, Mother Gothel leaves to run errands ensuring Rapunzel is alone in the tower.

Flynn Rider, a notorious thief with wanted posters plastered all over the realm, chooses that day to steal the crown from the palace. Whilst on the run from his pursuers, he stumbles along the hidden tower and is ambushed by Rapunzel with a frying pan. She ties him up with her luscious locks and demands he tell her everything. Upon noticing the stolen crown, she claims it for herself (completely unaware of its significance) and agrees to return it if Flynn takes her to the floating lantern festival. 

It’s such a beautiful moment when Rapunzel goes outside for the first time and plays in the grass for hours experiencing an array of different emotions whilst Flynn stands there completely unamused. He has his own selfish objectives at that point and will do anything to reclaim his wealth. I won’t summarise too much more of the plot as Rapunzel and Flynn spend a lot of time running away from the Stabbington Brothers and Mother Gothel. What I will reflect on is that Rapunzel and Flynn do not like one another at first. They both lack trust where the other is concerned and engage in a lot of sarcastic banter. 

They first reach an understanding in a nearly fatal situation when Rapunzel is forced to reveal her power. Flynn confesses his real name (Eugene Fitzherbert) and the pair begin to slowly trust one another. When Rapunzel enters her kingdom for the first time since her birth, she begins to dance and sing in the village. Flynn gazes at her in adoration, coming to terms with the fact that he’s falling in love. The pair share an evening cruise on the lake as the lantern festival begins. Rapunzel is overcome with emotion. They sing I See The Light in one of the most beautiful Disney scenes I’ve ever watched. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself! 

Flynn is captured not long afterwards by the Stabbington Brothers (who are now working with Mother Gothel) and is sentenced to death. Rapunzel has finally realised she is the long lost princess that has been lied to her whole life. She confronts Mother Gothel who stabs Flynn and tries to escape with the princess. Rapunzel makes a deal that she will concede to life-long imprisonment provided she can use her hair to heal the man she loves. In Flynn’s final moments, he cuts off Rapunzel’s hair so she never has to use it for evil again and Mother Gothel disintegrates as her age finally catches up to her. Rapunzel now has short brown hair devoid of any healing properties. As she grieves over the dying Flynn, her tears which are still imbued with the magic, revive him and they kiss. 

Rapunzel returns home to her overjoyed parents and Flynn, pardoned for his crimes,  marries the love of his life. I just love their relationship. They endure so much together in such a short time and really complement one another in their differing personalities. Rapunzel is quite a positive, hyperactive person and Flynn is more cool, calm and collected. They balance each other out perfectly. It just goes to show that love can be found in the most unexpected places. It also proves that love can bring out the best in people. Flynn no longer needs to run or steal – he has scored the most precious thing of all. Rapunzel gets her life and family back along with an edgy new look and a husband who adores her. It really is happily ever after and as a Disnerd, I do believe in such things…

Honourable Mention 

Anna and Kristoff from Frozen 

Which is your favourite Disney human couple? What makes them so good together? I think you know which post will be up tomorrow so until then, I bid you adieu! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. I love this loved up post! So hard to choose for me again, but I must say Ariel and Eric 😀 Land and sea combined – no matter how different you are, you can still fall in love with each other and make it work 🙂 x

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