April 12th-Who Are My Favourite Disney Cast Of Characters?

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Welcome to Day 12 of the 30 Day Disney Blogging Challenge!

Today I am discussing my favourite cast of characters from a Disney film. I will be reflecting on the individual characters and what makes them so lovable in my eyes. My pick for this post is directed at a modern animation. I saw this movie in 2016 and fell in love. Since then, I’ve watched it several more times and continue to find new layers. I adore all of the characters in this film and the story is so inspiring. I am referring to:



Set in the fictional world of Zootopia (or Zootropolis if you’re in the UK), Judy Hopps is the first ever bunny policewoman hellbent on proving herself. At the station, she is given the job of meter-maid because none of her colleagues/boss believe in her abilities. She decides to do the best damn job she can do and in the process, meets shifty fox Nick Wilde, who cons her. Together, they find themselves on a case to locate a missing person and form an unlikely friendship. Zootopia is about chasing your dreams, believing in yourself and not judging a book by its cover. Let’s take a look at the some of the standout characters shall we?


Judy is an eternal optimist with a heart of gold. I really love her fiery strength and determination. She never gives up on her friends, fights for the underdogs and proves her worth as the first rabbit to become a police officer in Zootopia. I enjoyed watching her bond with Nick develop as they worked together. They both understood what it was like to be misunderstood creatures and their sarcastic banter is hilarious. Judy is quite an empowering character who never gives up no matter how tough things get. She is incredibly inspiring and encouraging throughout the entire film.


Nick Wilde is a con-artist with a dark past. As a child, he wished to become a boy scout but quit when the other kids bullied him for being a fox. In this movie, foxes are seen as sneaky, uncontrollable creatures that are dangers to everybody else. Scarred by their abuse, he decides to embody the stereotype of a shifty fox and scam others for money. He meets Judy after swindling her too and they become involved in solving a mystery together. Nick is a charismatic creature with a dry sense of humour. He knows everything about everyone and how to get whatever he wants. You cannot help but love Nick, especially when you witness the cruel events of his childhood and how he develops throughout the film.


Clawhauser is the receptionist at the Zootopia Police Department. He is a lovable cheetah who has a fondness for cute things like little rabbit Judy Hopps. He is usually found eating or catching up on worldwide events. Clawhauser has a crush on pop-sensation Gazelle and in one scene, he is shown photo-shopping his own head onto one of her backup dancers. He believes in Judy from the start even when the rest of her colleagues don’t. He has adorable chubby cheeks!


 Flash is my absolute favourite character in Zootopia because if you didn’t know already, I love sloths! First of all, can we appreciate the irony of his name? Flash is the opposite of fast. We first meet him when Judy and Nick go to the DMV to follow up a lead. He is an employee there – in fact all of the sloths are – and is incredibly slow. It takes him several minutes to complete one task. This is unfortunate for our two heroes as they are on a time-sensitive mission. My favourite part is when Nick tells a joke and in almost slow-motion we watch Flash’s face go from sleepy to full-blown laughter. He is so cute!


Gazelle is Zootopia’s pop idol and mammal activist. Like Judy, she believes in equal rights for all creatures and her backup dancers feature predatory animals to prove it. I seriously play her song Try Everything on repeat. I love how inspiring and encouraging it is. Voiced by Shakira, Gazelle is also a Latin singer with some serious hip-movement!


As his name suggests, Yax is a Yak and the owner of The Mystic Springs Oasis in Zootopia. He is a highly intelligent hippie that unknowingly provides Judy and Nick with clues to their case. I love his shaggy mane, mala beads and groovy attitude. He isn’t in the movie for very long but his short screen-time is really funny.


Chief Bogo is a cape buffalo and the head of the Zootopia Police Department. He is tough, scary and a rigid thinker at the beginning. He does not believe in Judy’s abilities which is evident when he places her on meter-maid duty and treats her like an outcast. When Judy offers to solve the mystery of Mr. Otterton’s whereabouts, he gives her a small window of time to crack the case, certain that she will fail. When she comes through, he begins to show her the respect she deserves. We see an even softer side to Chief Bogo when Clawhauser discovers he too has photo-shopped his head in place of Gazelle’s backup dancer!


Another ironic character name, Mr. Big is a tiny arctic shrew with a reputation for being the most feared crime-lord in Zootopia. He is very Godfather-esque in his accent, style and delivery. Mr. Big is typically flanked by two polar bear henchmen and carries himself with great class and dignity. He adores his daughter Fru Fru and will extend kindness to anybody who treats her well. As Judy is the one that saves Fru Fru, her and Nick are invited to his daughter’s wedding in gratitude. He is super cute for a mafia boss!

There were other characters I could’ve included but these were my favourites and the most memorable. I did not want to include the villains because they obviously weren’t particularly likable . If you have not yet seen Zootopia, I highly recommend it. It is one of my favourite animated films.

Honourable Mention

The cast from Lilo and Stitch

Which cast of Disney characters are your favourite? Let me know if you have or haven’t seen Zootopia. What were your thoughts?

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I think because of you I am starting to like Sloths now. He is quite cute 😊 Toy Story would have to be my favourite. They may be toys but they can do anything 😊

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