April 18th-Which Disney Moment Scares Me The Most?

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Welcome to Day 18 of the 30 Day Disney Blogging Challenge! 

Today we are looking at scary Disney scenes. I’m talking really creepy, very disturbing, ‘stay with you afterwards’ moments. You many think Disney cartoons are light and fluffy fairy-tales for children but as I have mentioned many times, they can get quite dark. For me personally, the scene that frightened me the most as a child was from Snow White which was the first popular Disney movie to be released in 1937. In fact, there were a couple of terrifying scenes in that movie. The first is when Snow, frightened by the Huntsman, goes running through the dark, eerie forest full of moving trees and glowing eyes. The second is the scene that always haunted me long after watching it. It definitely wasn’t for the faint-hearted child. It is…

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When the Evil Queen learns from her Magic Mirror that Snow White is still alive and living with the dwarves, she takes drastic action to eliminate her once and for all. She hurries down to her dungeon and brews a potion to transform her into an old hag so that when she gives Snow the poisoned apple to eat, she won’t be recognised. Here are the ingredients she uses for her magical brew: 

– Mummy Dust (to make her old) 

– The Black of Night (to cloak her clothing) 

– An Old Hag’s Cackle (to age her voice) 

– A Scream of Fright (to whiten her hair) 

– A Blast of Wind (to fan her hate) 

– A Bolt of Lightning (to mix it well) 

She takes one last look at her youthful reflection in the goblet and then begins to drink…

She only takes a sip before dropping the goblet and clutching at her throat. The room begins to spin in a dizzying haze. We first see her hair turn white (see picture above), then her hands become gnarled and bony and finally, we hear her rasping cackle repeat ‘my voice, my voice.’ As the room returns to normal, the transformation is now complete and only the hag remains where a beautiful Queen once stood. 

Now if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will (did you get that hidden Disney reference?) Watching this scene as a kid was always a little traumatic. We witness a woman mix deadly ingredients together, drink the concoction, choke in the process and emerge a hideous hag. It’s all just a little too much in my opinion. It still creeps me out. Luckily for us, the bitch witch gets her karma! 

Which Disney moment scares you the most? What makes it so horrifying? I’m sure I’ll agree with you. 

Honourable Mention 

The ‘Donkey Scene’ on Pleasure Island in Pinocchio 

I’ll see you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. These two are very much scary scenes to me too! I don’t like that transformation into the old hag at all D: I’m also not a fan of Cruella de Ville’s erratice driving – her face scares me so much in this scene. Also, in Aladdin, Jafar becoming a snake isn’t too pleasant for me to watch too. Agree with what you said in your lasts posts – sometimes Disney movies aren’t entirely kids’ movies at all! Hope you are well my friend. Catch up soon x

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