April 19th-Which Disney Moment Makes Me The Happiest?

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Welcome to Day 19 of the 30 Day Disney Blogging Challenge! 

Today I am looking at the Disney Moment that makes me the happiest. This was one of the most difficult questions so far because there are so many scenes that fill my heart with joy. It is Disney after all. The moment I chose was from Toy Story 3 and every single time I watch it, it makes me so unbelievably happy. Anybody that has seen this wonderful movie will know exactly what I’m talking about…


These are Tsum Tsum stickers from my collection! 

Years have passed since the last two films and Andy is all grown up, ready to leave for college. Naturally, the toys begin to worry about their fate. They are coming to terms with the fact that Andy will never want to play with them again and the best possible outcomes are that they are either taken with him or stored in the attic for future generations to play with them. Woody is excited to have been picked to go with Andy to his dorm room but it wouldn’t be a story without some chaos thrown in along the way.  Andy is about to take his toys up to the attic but gets distracted and leaves them in a bag in the hallway. His mother comes along at that moment thinking they are trash and takes them to the curb. They all believe at this point that Andy does not want them any longer. 

I won’t go into the entire plot but the toys end up at the Sunnyside Daycare as donations and find themselves trapped under the evil ruler Lotso-Huggin Bear. Woody, who is the only toy that believes Andy didn’t put them outside, escapes to go find him but ends up in Bonnie Anderson’s home, one of the little girls that goes to Sunnyside. Here he sees how loving and kind she is. All of her toys adore her and they are played with from morning till evening. 

When the toys finally escape from Sunnyside and find their way home, Woody writes a note and leaves it for Andy on top of their box marked ‘Attic.’ It advises him to give all of them to Bonnie before he leaves for college. Andy drives to her home where she is playing out the front. One by one, Andy pulls them out of the box and explains their personalities and attributes to Bonnie. She stares at them lovingly. The last toy in the box is Woody. In a tear-jerking moment, Andy gazes at his old friend sadly. Bonnie moves to grab him and Andy jerks his hand backward in hesitation before handing him to her. He tells Bonnie that Woody is his best friend and that he means a lot to him. Andy and Bonnie play with the toys together and as he prepares to drive away from them forever, he thanks them for everything. 

This scene makes me the happiest because it shows just how much all of the toys meant to Andy over the course of his life. It’s also very satisfying to see them passed onto a little girl that will appreciate and love them for years to come. Even though toys are not real, it’s nice to think that somehow they are joyous when we play with them…

Which Disney moment makes you the happiest? Why? Give me all the feels! 

Honourable Mention 

When Aladdin frees the Genie in Aladdin 

I will see you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. This is one of my favorite scenes! The toys seem to have gone off to a good home 😊 Cannot wait for the next movie and I am sure the toys will get out of trouble again 😊😊

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