April 23rd-Which Disney Opening Scene Is My Favourite?

Hi all! 

Welcome to Day 23 of the 30 Day Disney Blogging Challenge! 

Today I am going to discuss my favourite Disney opening scene. Looking back over the last few challenge questions – which moment makes me laugh, cry, happy, sad, mad and romantic – I wanted to pick an introduction that captures all of them. In just the first 5 minutes of this film, I experience a whole range of emotions that tug deeply at my heart. I think it’s pretty obvious which introductory scene I chose…


This photograph was taken by my husband at Bruno’s Sculpture Garden 

In the beginning, young and awkward Carl meets quirky and animated Ellie who screams ‘Adventure is Out There!’ All of a sudden, we are taken on a musical montage of their entire life together. We watch them get married, build a home together, gaze at the clouds, think about having a baby, lose a baby (this scene makes me ugly cry – it’s also quite a serious thing for a Disney film to show), move past a difficult time, save for Ellie’s adventure, use their savings to make repairs, work through illness/pain, tie multiple colourful ties, dance as an old couple and finally see Ellie pass away leaving a lost, lonely Carl without his other half. It is the most incredible and emotional scene that doesn’t require any dialogue.

See for yourself… 

I challenge you to watch this scene and not feel a single thing. You will fail I guarantee it! 

I love the scene where Ellie and Carl are sitting and reading. All of a sudden they reach out and hold hands. This is something Francis and I do often. I have no doubt our life will play out the same beautiful way (hopefully without the loss of a baby) and we will have a whole host of memories to look back on. 

The rest of the film is wonderful, funny and heart-warming. Ellie is always in Carl’s thoughts. He does everything he can to honour her memory and achieve their dreams. I really cannot say too much more about this opening scene. The wonderful world of Disney did it perfectly…

Fun fact: Carl does not speak to Ellie once in this film. Isn’t love incredible? He doesn’t even need to, to know how much he adores her 🙂 

What is your favourite Disney opening scene? What makes it so captivating? 

Honourable Mention 

This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I will see you tomorrow! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. That is such a sweet scene between Carl and Ellie. Nothing like no need to have words to feel love and show love for each other. My favourite opening scene is The Lion King where they all sing and dance to Circle of Life at the beginning. It is a scene where I always feel the urge to stand up, dance and sing along. In the scene, it is amazing to see how a whole kingdom can come together and welcome Simba, and stand together. I saw the musical a few years ago, and it was just as good as the film.

    1. Yes Lion King is such a great opening too! It’s so hard to pick my favourites sometimes because they are all so good and worthy! Thank you for your support my friend xx

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