April 26th-Which Is My Favourite Disney Kiss?

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Welcome to Day 26 of the 30 Day Disney Blogging Challenge! 

Today I’m going to discuss my favourite Disney Kiss. When these two characters kiss, you can really feel the passion they share for one another. They come from completely different places in life but through it all find love. Magic surrounds their union. It’s breathtakingly beautiful…


Photograph taken by my husband at Bruno’s Sculpture Garden 

Pocahontas is a Native American daughter of the Powhatan Indian Tribe Chief. She is curious about the world, nature and white humans despite being warned about how dangerous they are. To her dismay, she is betrothed to Kocoum, her father’s finest warrior whom she has nothing in common with. She runs to her Grandmother Willow for advice about her dreams who tells her the spirits are leading her down a path she must follow. After listening to the wind, she spots a European ship’s sails coming towards her home. 

Explorer John Smith is navigating through the land when he stops to wash his face in the river. He sees a reflection of a woman in his helmet and grabs his gun, ready to shoot. There, through the waterfall, he sees the beautiful Pocahontas staring at him in wonder. They soon learn all about one another, asking cultural questions and discovering the prejudices between their races. Pocahontas sings award winning Colours of the Wind to teach John about the beauty and importance of respecting the Earth. They begin falling for one another. 

Later, Pocahontas takes John to meet Grandmother Willow. He reveals that the settlers have come looking for gold to which Pocahontas replies that they have none. She begins to worry about her actions but Grandmother Willow suggests the dreams she has been having all point to John. They kiss in the willow trees and it is so romantic. There is clearly a lot of love between both of them and they are risking life itself to be together. I love how he places his hand on her cheek. 

It soon becomes clear that Pocahontas’s purpose was to meet John so they could unite both of their people. With a war raging between the tribes-people and the settlers, it is up to our two heroes to show them that love is the answer and that they have found it in each other. Unfortunately, Kocoum is shot by Thomas, John’s friend in a moment of panic. John takes the blame and is taken prisoner, sentenced to die the next day. John vows to be with Pocahontas forever. On the morning of his execution, Pocahontas throws herself over him and the Chief comes to his senses. Evil Governor Ratcliffe rejects the offer of a truce and goes to shoot the Chief but John takes the bullet in order to save him. Peace is formed with the exception of Ratcliffe. Wounded, John asks Pocahontas to come back with him to England but she says her place is here with her people. She tells him that no matter what happens she will always be with him. They share another deep, passionate kiss. 

The film ends with Pocahontas watching John’s ship sail away. She gives him the traditional Powhatan wave in farewell…

This was my favourite Disney kiss because I could really feel the emotions and love behind it. What was yours? What makes it so romantic? 

Honourable Mention 

Hercules & Megara from Hercules 

I will see you tomorrow! Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. Awww. The Pocahontas and John Smith story is a very touching one. My favourite Disney kiss would be the one of Aladdin and Jasmine at the end of the movie. It is always nice to see a kiss at the end of a movie…you know it’s a happy ending 🙂 <3

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