My Ultimate Wanderlust Playlist!

Hi all!

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while now. In just a few weeks, Francis and I are leaving for an epic European adventure spanning the UK, Italy & Greece! I never travel anywhere without a solid, inspirational playlist that fills me with joy. Music has the ability to remind us of the best and worst times of our lives. It can take us right back to a single moment and how we felt. I know this holiday is going to be our most incredible one yet and I cannot wait to see which songs help me reflect on our unforgettable memories. For this reason, I’m going to share with you my ultimate wanderlust playlist.

Also, on a very exciting note, Francis and I are now official travel bloggers/photographers for Vegan Travel! All of my vegan travel blogs on here are also listed on their website. You can check out our profile here! Vegan Travel were lovely enough to send us T-Shirts plus stickers so we can represent them whilst we are in Europe. I will be posting here and on the VT website our vegan guides to London, Italy & Greece so stay tuned for those. It’s an ultimate dream of mine to become a professional vegan travel blogger so this has been such a huge step in the right direction. The universe is certainly delivering!

This list will be full of my absolute favourite songs to listen to while I’m travelling. These are the perfect pieces of music to hear when you’re on a long flight, a bus, train, sunbathing on the beach, exploring a foreign city, adventuring in nature, waking up in a new land, warm summer nights, staring at an impossibly breathtaking view with tears in your eyes and experiencing that moment of ‘wow am I really here right now?’ I hope it inspires you and makes you want to see our beautiful big, wide world…

‘High Society’ – Betty Who

‘Dreaming About You’ – Betty Who

 ‘Stay Coloured’ – I Know The Chief (On SoundCloud)

‘Young And In Love’ – Hunter Hayes

‘Try Everything’ – Shakira (Zootopia Soundtrack)

‘Galway Girl’ – Ed Sheeran

‘Here Comes The Sun’ – The Beatles

‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ – Daya

‘Ocean Avenue’ – Yellowcard

‘You & Me Song’ – The Wannadies

‘Falling’ – HAIM

‘Jet Lag’ – Simple Plan ft Natasha Beddingfield

‘Best Day Of My Life’ – American Authors

‘How Far I’ll Go’ – Alessia Cara (Moana Soundtrack)

‘How You Get The Girl’ – Taylor Swift (Happy Engagement Memories :))

‘On My Way’ – Phil Collins (Brother Bear Soundtrack)

‘Scare Away The Dark’ – Passenger

‘In Love with the 80’s’ – Relient K

‘Gravity’ – John Mayer

‘Island’ – The Starting Line

‘Breakaway’ – Kelly Clarkson 

‘Something Wild’ – Lindsey Stirling feat. Andrew McMahon

‘Party In The USA’ – Miley Cyrus

‘Waves’ – Dean Lewis

‘What Dreams Are Made Of’ – Hilary Duff (The Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack)

‘When Summer Fades To Fall’ – Faber Drive

‘California’ – Darren Hayes

‘Vacation’ – G.R.L

‘I’ll Melt With You’ – Mest

‘Magic’ – B.o.B feat Rivers Cuomo

‘Perfect’ – One Direction

‘Summertime’ – Cody Simpson

‘The Animal Song’ – Savage Garden

‘Far Away’ – Nickelback

‘The Middle’ – Jimmy Eat World

‘The Great Escape’ – Boys Like Girls

‘Some Nights’ – Fun

‘Fast Car’ – Tracy Chapman

‘Days In The Sun’ – Ziggy Alberts

‘Heartbreak Dream’ – Betty Who


I truly hope you enjoyed my wanderlust/travel playlist. Please add in any great songs I have missed! Happy adventures!

Peace & Love xoxo


7 thoughts on “My Ultimate Wanderlust Playlist!

  1. Congrats on being a vegan travel blogger with Vegan Travel 😍 Some of these songs are familiar, like Yellowcard, Taylor Swift and Lindsey Stirling. Sounds like a upbeat playlist for most part. Currently I am listening to a lot of Green Day. Went to their concert over the weekend and it made me fall on love with them all over again 😊

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  2. Hope you’re having a fab time travelling around europe, you should also listen to George Ezra his music is really light hearted!

    i’m glad i found your blog its super interestng. If you want to check out my blog if its of any interest to you 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I had a great time – alas back to reality now 🙂 ooh thank you for the recommendation, I will! I appreciate you stopping by and will definitely check out your blog!

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