One Year of Marriage! (The Husband Tag)

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Today marks 1 wonderful year of marriage to my husband Francis. I’ll never forget our wedding. It was such a romantic day. The weather was warm, the sun was shining and our hearts were full. I often wish I could relive it over and over. If you would like to read all about it, click here: Our Wedding…

Francis and I have been together for over 4 years. In that time, we’ve travelled the world and made thousands of unforgettable memories. I swear he knows he better than I know myself. We’ve seen each other in every single possible light you can imagine. I honestly fall more and more in love with him every day. During the wedding, we took part in the rose ceremony. Every single year, Francis and I are to give each other one red rose to symbolise our ongoing love. I also wanted to give gifts according to traditional customs. As paper is the gift you give on the first wedding anniversary, I will surprise him with something ‘papery’ and tonight, we are going to a fancy restaurant for dinner that serves a vegan banquet. To celebrate on my blog, I decided to do the husband tag featuring my best friend for life. I hope you enjoy!

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The Rose Ceremony…

 1. How and where did we meet?

Francis & Rebecca: To keep it brief, our parents had become friends through a strange twist of fate. We also discovered that years ago, we had lived around the corner from each other but had never crossed paths…timing is everything! My (Francis) stepmother, having already met Rebecca, suggested we would be perfect for each other and so, we decided to add one another on Facebook to find out. We messaged every single day for over a month before deciding to meet in person. On May 17th, 2013 we met at Flinders Street Station after work for our first date and the rest, as they say, was history.

2.) What was your first impression of me?

Rebecca: During our getting-to-know-each-other phase on Facebook, I found Francis to be highly intelligent, funny and sweet. I had never met a vegan before. He taught me so much about caring for the animals and environment. I was absolutely taken by him. When I saw him in person for the first time, my heart fluttered. He was just as handsome and amazing.

Francis: My first impression of Bec was that she was really interesting! I received this big, long message from her on FB that was really well written and I was like ‘wow this girl has a lot of similar interests to me and seems really smart and funny.’ I was definitely super keen to get to know her more! The first time we met in person I felt at ease. We had such a great first date that I never wanted to end and couldn’t wait to see her again, so needless to say it was a great first impression.

3.) How and where was our first date?

Francis & Rebecca: As mentioned above, our first date took place on May 17th, 2013 after work. We met at Flinders Street Station and had dinner at Chin Chin’s – a vegan friendly restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. Afterwards, we walked to Galactic Circus (an arcade) and played games together. Francis won me a toy. When it was getting dark, Francis was about to catch the train home when we both decided we didn’t want to part just yet. We spent another hour walking, talking and laughing all over the city. We strolled through the beautiful Melbourne University and ended the evening with a simple kiss on the cheek. It was perfect.

4.) Where was our first kiss and how was it?

Francis & Rebecca: We didn’t kiss until our third date. I (Rebecca) spent the day at Francis’s apartment (now our current home) for the first time. We had a lovely lunch down the street and came back to watch Life of Pi on his couch. We snuggled and held hands the entire movie. When the film ended, I took his face in my hands and kissed him. I couldn’t wait any longer! We both agree the kiss was pretty spectacular. 

5.) When did you meet my family?

Rebecca: I had already met Francis’s father and stepmother before he met my family as our parents were friends. It was his stepmother that suggested I add Francis on Facebook. I remember walking into their home for the first time and seeing a picture of Francis on the wall. I thought he was super cute! It was one of those instant-connection moments where you just know somebody is going to be a big part of your life very soon. I met his mum and extended family not long afterwards.

Francis: I met Bec’s family a month or so after we became official. My parents (dad and step-mom) and her parents all had dinner at Madame K’s for dinner. It wasn’t awkward because they were already friends. It was a really nice and relaxed evening. I met her extended family not long afterwards.

6.) How did you know I was the One?

Rebecca: I knew Francis was the one before I met him in person. We had been messaging for over a month, every single day and I was falling so madly in love with him. I just knew because he was the first person in my entire relationship history that I had never doubted my feelings for…not once. I never have and never will!

Francis: This is one of those things that you just know! It’s an indescribable feeling. Everything just feels right and you are always so comfortable being yourself and happy about how things are going together.

7.) When and why did you fall in love with me?

Rebecca: I can pinpoint the exact moment when I knew I was in love with Francis. My mum, sister and I went away to Daylesford for a special Mother’s Day weekend. I hadn’t met him yet but we we were very close to our first date. In our hotel room, I saw he had put up on Facebook that through Excel, he had worked out exactly how many days, minutes, seconds he had been alive on Earth. It may sound strange but that was the moment. If you know Francis, you know he is super passionate about science. I had never met a person who had bothered to work out that equation before and that was insanely lovable to me.

Francis: I’m not sure of the exact moment as for me love isn’t something that just magically happens all of a sudden – it was definitely early in the relationship though. I fell in love with her for many reasons. Most of all because she is so kind, compassionate, positive, sweet, funny, clever, silly and makes me happy.

8.) How long have we been together? Relationship and Marriage.

Francis & Rebecca: Before we got married, we counted our first date (May 17th, 2013) as our anniversary but our wedding day fell on October 30th, 2016. So, we have been in a relationship for 4 years, 5 months and married exactly one year today!

9.) How do we resolve problems?

Rebecca: We are both pretty stubborn but we love each other so much that our heated moments never last long. We always talk things out and apologise when called for.

Francis: We talk about them and listen to and respect each others feelings.

10.) What do we do for a living and are we using our university degree’s?

Rebecca: I work at Melbourne University in Administration which I absolutely love. I have two university degrees. One, a Bachelor of Arts (Major in History) and two, a Graduate Diploma (Major in Museum Management). Unfortunately, though not for lack of trying, I was never able to break into that field but I still believe it could happen someday.

Francis: I work for an energy company that I have been at for 10 years now. I studied to be a Marine Biologist at university but unfortunately it also didn’t go anywhere for me. Who knows what the future holds!

Love in Ravello

11.) What key elements make a successful relationship & marriage?

Rebecca: For me, respect is so important. I really look up to Francis and admire him. We are always very polite to each other and tell one another often that they are appreciated. Loyalty, friendship, passion, humour, honesty and trust go such a long way too. You need to feel truly safe with the one you love in every single way. They are your biggest support and the person you turn to for everything. Also, having the same core values is paramount. Francis and I are both such passionate vegans. It really brings us closer together sharing this amazing lifestyle.

Francis: Understanding each other on every level. Being on the same page about everything is important. Loving each others company and being there to support one another through the highs and lows of life!

12.) What do you love about me?

Rebecca: I love Francis’s gigantic heart of gold and his integrity. He is not afraid to speak his mind and be himself. He is the kindest, most gentle man I have ever met and never fails to make me laugh. We are the best of friends.

Francis: What don’t I love about her would be a better question. Seriously though I love absolutely everything about her – even the cute pouty faces she makes at me when she’s grumpy about something.  I love who she is as a person and I love who I’ve become as a person because of her.

13.) How do you keep a relationship healthy in life?

Rebecca: In my opinion, a relationship will remain healthy if both people are 100% emotionally and spiritually invested in one another. No matter if times get tough, you never give up, stand together and always work as a team. Laugh, travel, be playful, embrace intimacy and be open with your love. Accept each other exactly as you are and stay connected through affection, communication and mutual interests.

Francis: Communicate often and well with each other.

14.) Which places do you still want to travel to?

Rebecca: So many places! There is so much more of Europe to see. I would love to visit Machu Picchu (Peru), New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii and loads more. For a future family vacation, I would love to take the kids on a road-trip through all the National Parks on the West Coast of the USA and do Disney World!

Francis: Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Bali. Africa? I’d be happy to go pretty much anywhere that I’ve never been that is safe to visit.


15.) Do you want children and if so, how many?

Francis & Rebecca: Absolutely!!! We cannot wait to be parents. We would love to have two children max.

16.) What is my favourite colour?

Rebecca: Francis’s favourite colour is red!

Francis: Hers is blue!

17.) What is my favourite food?

Rebecca: Francis is addicted to hummus. He worships it – no joke! He also loves mock-meats, tofu, pasta, veggie burgers, wraps and a lentil dhal that I make with potato, green beans and leek.

Francis: Cinnamon flavoured anything!

18.) What is my favourites sports team?

Francis & Rebecca: Essendon – AFL. We both barrack for the same team but Bec doesn’t care as much for sport as I do.

19.) What is my favourite TV show?

Rebecca: Francis and I like most of the same shows. Sons of Anarchy is his all time favourite but he also loves Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Mr Robot, Stranger Things, Vikings, Homeland, Suits and more!

Francis: Will & Grace! She’s obsessed!

20.) Which food do I not like?

Rebecca: Francis likes tomato sauce but he hates tomato on its own. He’s also always been super grossed out by seafood his whole life so he won’t even touch mock-fish/prawn products. It’s too real for him.

Francis: She hates zucchini although it is growing on her recently.

Our love lock in Verona

21.) Who is the better cook?

Francis & Rebecca: Bec! Although, I do make a killer pasta that she can’t get enough of…

22.) How did you propose?

Francis & Rebecca: In August 2015, we went to Vietnam and Cambodia for two weeks. A few days in, we went on a private, all-day tour throughout Ho-Chi Minh and Mekong. We rode bikes through rice fields, ate a vegan lunch with a Vietnamese family and wandered through markets/temples. The last part of the tour consisted of a relaxing cruise down the Mekong Delta on a sampan. We were winding through the balmy swamps when I turned to speak to Francis and he was down on one knee with a ring. I burst into tears and after his emotional speech, I threw myself on him and took the ring. I put it on my own finger because I was so excited! Our tour guide filmed the proposal but we are keeping it for our kid’s eyes only – it’s too special to share. To celebrate, we drank out of coconuts on the side of the road. It was one of the best days of our lives.

23.) What is my eye colour?

Rebecca: Dark chocolate brown.

Francis: Beautiful blue!

24.) What is the best gift I have ever gotten you?

Rebecca: The first gift that comes to mind is very personal and special that I want to keep to myself. The second best is my engagement ring which I will treasure always.

Francis: Taking me to Cairns for my 30th birthday! The trip didn’t exactly work out in some ways (disaster boat-ride and terrible weather) but it was amazing anyway.

25.) What is something I do that you wish I wouldn’t?

Rebecca: Chew with your mouth open! Oh and leave way too many lights on lol.

Francis: Leave smelly food scraps in the bin for me to find when I get home from work.

26.) What is my heritage and where am I from?

Francis & Rebecca: We are both Italian! Bec’s family hail from Sicily and Trieste (north & south) and mine is mostly Italian and a little bit of Irish. My Italian heritage is a mix from Altomonte in Calabria, Giarratana in Sicily and Campodolcino in the very north of Italy. It’s nice being able to speak two languages together.

27.) If you baked me a cake what kind would I like?

Rebecca: Francis would love a cake featuring peanut butter. Can’t say I blame him!

Francis: Carrot Cake.

28.) What is one unique talent I have?

Rebecca: I swear Francis is a psychic. He can predict things before they happen or he’ll sing songs and they will come on a moment later. We’ve had many spooky moments like that.

Francis: Knowing what I’m thinking without even saying it!

The Sherlock to my Watson!

29.) What weird habits do I have?

Rebecca: Francis will open drawers and just leave them ajar instead of closing them. He also (unfortunately due to allergies) sneezes a billion times in a row. Poor thing!

Francis: Putting nooch (nutritional yeast) onto everything she eats!

30.) What do we argue about the most?

Rebecca: We don’t argue about anything specifically. We get along 99% of the time but if we do have heated moments, it’s usually because we are both stressed about something else and get frustrated.

Francis: Nothing really! I often leave my clothes drawers open and lights on in the house and get scolded haha!

31.) What can I spend hours doing?

Rebecca: Francis can game for hours (I can too) or read if he’s really into a book. Whenever he gets into something new, he loves learning every little thing about it. It’s so cute.

Francis: Hours and hours, reading and writing!

32.) Who was the one to say I love you first and where was it?

Francis & Rebecca: About a month or so after officially dating, I (Rebecca) said it one night whilst we were talking on the couch. He said it back and now we cannot stop saying it.

33.) What is my most repeated phrase or sentence?

Rebecca: “Is this the right pillow?” (In-Joke)

Francis: “You can turn the light off now if you like.”

34.) What is your vision for our future?

Rebecca: To create our own family full of love and spend the rest of our lives having adventures all together.

Francis: We will start a family together and live in a nice family home and like a fairy tale, live happily ever after.

A perfect day…

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this tag. A big thank you to my wonderful husband for his contribution. Feel free to do this tag with your significant other and comment down below with the link so I can read it. Love is magic!

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. Congrats Bec and Francis on 1 year of marriage, and another year of being together, and many many more years to come forever! This was such a cute and fun post to read and it does sound like the two of you know each other inside out 😊😊😊 ‘You need to feel truly safe with the one you love in every single way. They are your biggest support and the person you turn to for everything. Also, having the same core values is paramount’ This is such an amazing way to think, perceive and live a relationship. Nothing like having someone who has your back and will always be your partner in crime 😀 It is always a pleasure meeting and catching up with you Bec, but also always more honoured with you and Francis when I see you two together (well, two times so far!). There is just something more than magic between the two of you, in this post and in real person. Take care my friend x

    1. Thank you my dear friend!!!! It was so lovely having you watch us get married and take some lovely photos 🙂 it meant the world to us. That is so nice to say ‘there is just something more than magic between the two of you’ – I love that. Hopefully the next time we meet Francis can come along too. I hope you are well and can’t wait to catch up again xxx

      1. It was such an honour to be invited to your big day. Wasn’t expecting it at all and it was also so nice of you to let me take some photos 🙂 Yes, you and Francis are something very special and happy to take photos of you two anytime 😀 Hopefully catch up soon my friend. Take care <3

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