My Intolerance Test Results – 300 Items!

Hi all!

This may seem like a strange post but a few weeks ago, my husband found a cheap Groupon offering an intolerance test against 300 different items of food, plants and materials. We took advantage of the deal, plucked some root hairs from our scalp, sealed them up individually and sent them off to be tested. Once processed, a PDF report was sent to our email addresses outlining what, out of the 300 items listed, we were intolerant to. You may be wondering why we chose to do this test? Well, for both of us, it was merely curiosity. Who knew what things had affected us our whole lives without knowing? Plus, these types of things are usually so expensive. Thanks to Groupon, we were able to do them for $39 each instead of $123. Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available but it may return on their website. Otherwise, you can click here to pay full price and view the 300 items we were tested against.

*Keep in mind these types of tests aren’t super accurate. If you are trying to discern whether you have an actual serious allergy, please consult a doctor.


According to the PDF Report, all of the food and non-food items listed were reported as having an 85% intolerance level or over. The reason for this is because 85% is the point at which you would begin to experience side-effects/symptoms from said items. This could mean that you may be adverse to a whole host of other things but not enough to feel any impact should they be ingested or come within range of you. What is listed however, should be avoided from now on…

One more thing I want to mention before I divulge my results is that when Francis and I received them, we were 99% certain they were switched – meaning I had his results and he had mine. The reason for this is, a lot of the items listed in my report were allergies Francis has had since birth. He was diagnosed with these things by a skin prick/grid test and still has strong reactions to them today. I have never had these allergies nor did they appear on his report which was very strange. I emailed Global Testing Lab to ask them if they were quite certain these reports hadn’t been mixed up. They responded saying that it was impossible our reports had been switched and that allergies were very different to intolerances. I’m not sure how much I believe my report now but it was still interesting and informative.


Milk Lactose – 93% (Good thing I’m a vegan!)

Asparagus – 98% (I love Asparagus! 98%? Really?)

– Goose – 91% (Such a shame I cannot eat Goose…haha)

– Salt – 92% (Do you know how hard it is to avoid salt?!)


Dust – 98% (I suffer from hayfever but only for a couple of months a year . Francis has an extreme allergic reaction to dust all year round which is why it was strange it appeared as 98% on my report and not on his)

– Elder – 91% (This is a plant that produces elderberry)

– Mice – 90% (Apparently I am intolerant to these little cuties!)

– Mosquitoes – 92% (This one I can believe)

– Mould I – 85% (This is quite common for most people. Type II showed up on Francis’s report at 98%)

– Narcissus – 99% (A genus of predominately spring perennial plants)

– Perennial Rye-Grass – 98%  (Also known as English Rye-Grass. Francis was also diagnosed with allergies to rye-grass as a boy so again, it is strange it showed up on my test but not his)

– Poplar – 86% (A flowering tree)

– Rabbits – 99% (I am 99% intolerant to rabbits! That is my highest percentage yet. I am so tempted to snuggle one and see what happens)

– Scotch Heather – 86% (An evergreen plant)

– Tobacco – 98% (Never been a smoker anyway!)

The next page of the report asks that you now avoid this list as much as possible. However, it also says that intolerances can change as time passes so one day I may no longer have a reaction to them anymore. I also might not have always been intolerant to them and they are quite new. Interesting!


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m not sure I can really recommend this type of hair analysis test but do let me know down below if you have taken one before and what you thought. 

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. As a geneticist, I’d suggest that you take these results with a large pinch of salt.
    Oh no, you can’t because you’re salt-intolerant, LOL.
    Interesting idea though!

    1. Haha great comment! After a lot of research I can see that it is definitely not an accurate test but I’m glad I did it. I also learnt you can’t actually be intolerant to salt so that’s odd!

  2. This is such an interesting test. Had to look it up. It does sound like you have a lot of intolerances. I was curious about the other things they tested you – did you score high or low of the rest of them? 😀

    1. Thank you my friend! The more I research and hear, it sounds like these tests are very inaccurate so I may not be intolerant to any of them at all haha – it only shows what you are intolerant to so if it didn’t come up on my test, I am fine with the rest of the list 🙂 miss you!

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