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Today I am back with another book tag revolving around ‘Would You Rather’ questions. I sourced these from blogger There’s Something About KM click the name to read her responses. Some of these were quite difficult to answer but I did my best, so without further ado, let’s get into the tag!

1.) Would You Rather: Read A Series Or A Standalone?

This one was a no-brainer! I would always rather read a series over a standalone novel because multiple books means epic stories, characters to fall in love with and a journey you can follow. Can you imagine if Harry Potter had only been one book? It hurts to even think about! I do enjoy standalone novels but a lot of the time, I find myself wanting more after they end. In my opinion, a series creates an entire world that can capture your heart. It gives the author license to develop characters, create cliff-hangers and leave you longing for the next book to come out.

2.) Would You Rather: Read Only From Female Authors Or Male Authors?

To me, this really doesn’t matter as I enjoy the writing style and perspectives of both genders but if I had to choose, I would pick female purely because I too am a female author and value the representation. Some of my favourite male authors are: Darren Shan, John Green, Tommy Wallach, Dan Brown, Jay Kristoff, Patrick Ness, Rick Riordan and George R. R Martin. Some of my favourite female authors are: Anne Rice, Rainbow Rowell, Cate Tiernan, Sarah J. Maas, Angie Thomas, Marissa Meyer, Cassandra Clare and Nicola Yoon. I definitely seem to read more from female authors but I don’t necessarily prefer them.

3.) Would You Rather: Shop At Barnes & Noble Or Amazon?

Barnes & Noble isn’t in Australia so I would have to pick Amazon out of the two. However, I mainly shop for books online at Book Depository or Booktopia. In regards to physical bookstores, I like to browse Readings and Dymocks.

4.) Would You Rather: All Book Adaptations Become Movies Or TV Shows?

This question is tough. I want to say television shows because just like a book series, you get to really flesh out the story and follow all your beloved characters but at the same time, I wouldn’t be able to keep up! I would find it so difficult and I just know I would want to watch them all. Plus, some books are definitely better off as just films but if I must choose, I’ll say TV shows. Sigh!

5.) Would You Rather: Read 5 Pages A Week Or 5 Books A Week?

5 books a week without a doubt! My TBR list is crazy long so that would definitely help bring it down. Also, if you are really into a book, reading only 5 pages a week would be torture. You would never get anywhere. I can’t imagine many people picking that option unless they weren’t much of a reader to begin with. I don’t know about you but I would feel so accomplished and happy finishing 5 books a week.

The Amalfi Coast – Photo taken by my husband

6.) Would You Rather: Be A Professional Book Reviewer Or A Professional Author?

A professional author as I already am one (well, kind of professional…). I follow a lot of book reviewers online and whilst they love it, they find it to be quite stressful at times. Publishers will send them stacks of books at a time for review which will leave them inundated with piles and piles of unread novels to digest. Plus, they have to be really switched on whilst reading them otherwise their reviews won’t sound very well-developed. I could do without that pressure and at the end of the day, I only want to read what I feel like reading, when I feel like reading it. Also, as an author, you get to write about what really matters to you and have others share in your passion.

7.) Would You Rather: Only Read Your Top 20 Books Over And Over Again Or Always Read A New Book?

I’m not huge on re-reading (aside from Harry Potter) so I would happily only read new books. If you only re-read your top 20 over and over, you’ll never embark on new adventures, meet new characters and discover new worlds. That’s not much of a life for me!

8.) Would You Rather: Be A Librarian Or Book Seller?

I would definitely rather be a librarian. It’s a much more introverted job and there’s something so magical about being in a library. There are little, hidden nooks to read in and all books are free. I spent so much of my childhood in our local library so to return there for work someday would be amazing. Maybe that’s what my future holds?

9.) Would You Rather: Read Only From Your Favourite Genre Or Read Anything But Your Favourite Genre?

This one is challenging but I’m going to have to go with reading only from my favourite genre. The good thing about fantasy novels is that they hold so much potential. You can make anything happen when you exceed the realm of reality. I would quite happily read fantasy fiction for the rest of my life.

10.) Would You Rather: Read Physical Books Or EBooks?

Nothing beats holding a physical book in your hand and turning the pages. I really do love EBooks and see the value in them but there is nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book or smelling one or using a bookmark or seeing the beautiful cover or visiting a bookstore…I have a problem.

I hope you enjoyed this book tag. Feel free to do it as well and link me your responses in the comments below so I can check it out. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve never heard much of a professional book reviewer. But from what you described, it can sound like a lot of work if you have a stack of books to review. I suppose it could work if you want to make a bit on the side or if that actually appeals to you as a job. For me, I’d much rather be a professional author and express what matters to me and develop my own creativity. Hope you are doing well my friend πŸ™‚ <3

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