New Vegan Hotspots in Melbourne! #2

Hi all!

Today I am back with another vegan hotspots post! Once again, I am amazed at how veg-friendly it is becoming in my city. There seems to be a plant-based option on nearly every menu. Let’s not waste any more time. Here are 3 goldmines I discovered recently:


Located: 385 High Street, Prahran VIC

This place is perfect for a breakfast or brunch date. It’s super modern inside with lots of whitewashed walls, hanging plants and comfortable seating. It also has a great range of vegan options on the menu as well as plant milks for coffee and raw slices up at the counter. It was extremely packed and noisy when I went, so I sat outside in the quiet courtyard area. 

What I Ate: Raspberry and Coconut Pancakes with Vanilla Meringue, Raspberries and Coconut Ice Cream


I definitely gave this 10/10 out for presentation. How delicious and beautiful does this look? The ice cream and raspberry sauce within each layer were absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, the pancakes were not as fluffy and light as I prefer them to be but I still enjoyed the dish overall. I couldn’t finish it but it was a great way to start my Sunday. Highly recommend. 


Located: 163 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC

This gelateria is literally 10 minutes walking distance from my work. I had heard from some other vegans that the shop sold a wide range of vegan ice creams and sorbets, so on a ridiculously hot day last week, I made my way there for a treat. The lady who served me was so lovely. She told me that all the sorbets were vegan except banana which contains egg-whites. The soy ice creams are clearly labelled as vegan and the cones are as well.  

What I Ate: Soy Pistachio Ice Cream 


Pistachio is my favourite ice cream flavour of all time. I was overjoyed to find that they had it as a vegan option. It was so delicious and creamy with lots of pistachio pieces to crunch on. I ate every single bite with 100% pure satisfaction. I will definitely be going back for more and to try their other flavours. 


Located: 221 Moorabool Street, Geelong VIC 

I’ll confess, I’ve eaten at Dolly’s Food Truck before but never at their actual restaurant. The Food Truck can be found at World Vegan Day every single year but it serves limited items. The cafe itself is huge and has quite an extensive food, drink and dessert menu. I was in Geelong recently and stopped there for lunch with Francis and his family. We were all really impressed with our meals. I know Geelong is technically outside of Melbourne but it still counts!

What I Ate: The Scrambled Tofu on Ciabatta served with a ‘cheesy’ nut sauce, spinach, avocado, onion and tomato

YUM! I had been craving scrambled tofu for so long. This did not disappoint at all. It was extremely filling and very tasty. I loved the presentation and spices used. The ‘cheesy’ sauce was a little bit underwhelming but I still ate the whole thing. There were so many other things I wanted to try on the menu so I’ll have to go back.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It has been so much fun exploring Melbourne and eating at new vegan-friendly places. Are there vegan options where you live? Let me know in the comments below.

Peace & Love xoxo 

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  1. That raspberry and coconut pancakes look amazing! Could face-plant into it and get the dish all over my face and I am sure it would still taste delicious, haha. I have heard of Fourth Chapter and that it’s quite a popular cafe 🙂 Like you mentioned in one of your previous posts, vegan food is not plain but so colourful and diverse, full of flavour. I really like the vegan place where we first had lunch. Such a great time and now, so many memories <3 Hope you are well my friend. Miss you already xxx

  2. Do you ever write reviews of the places you visit? (Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, etc.)
    If so, please consider writing a green stars review!

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