The Top 5 Book Series I Won’t Ever Read!

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Today I am back for another Top 5 Wednesday! Before I begin, I just want to make a disclaimer. If I mention one of your favourite series, please don’t be offended. This list stems purely from my personal taste and what I’ve heard from reviewers, not because I believe these books to be bad. Also, I may end up reading these someday, especially if they spark the interest of my children. For now however, I have no desire to pick them up. Let’s do this!


When the film adaption for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was released, I watched it because it was directed by the amazing Tim Burton. I enjoyed the movie but I wasn’t blown away by it and that made me not want to pick up the books. I didn’t care enough about the characters nor the story itself. I just don’t think these novels are my kind of thing. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind flipping through the pages just to look at the creepy images taken by Ransom Riggs.


Everybody I know that loves A Series of Unfortunate Events grew up reading them. I however, didn’t. I don’t even remember seeing them at my local library. As an adult, I am not interested in starting them now. There is a lot of controversy in the media currently surrounding Daniel Handler (AKA Lemony Snicket) and I really didn’t enjoy his YA novel Why We Broke Up. I’ve also heard terrible reviews regarding the Netflix adaptation with Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. It’s a no from me sorry!


Similar to A Series of Unfortunate Events, I did not grow up reading the His Dark Materials trilogy. I have heard from multiple reviewers that this series is extremely slow and very confusing despite it being targeted towards children. The film adaptation, The Golden Compass, was apparently a huge-flop and the books do not seem to get better as they go on. If this is the case, what is the point of picking them up? I think, like A Wrinkle in Time (which I gave 1 star), these novels are wondrous as a child but as an adult, they present a completely different reading experience.


The majority of people that have read this actual series seem to all say the same thing: the first book was great and then it goes seriously downhill. The main character, Lena, is described as extremely irritating and the writing becomes more and more convoluted as the novels progress. Several fans of Beautiful Creatures were so disappointed with the direction the series went. I also remember being very close to seeing the film adaptation …until I heard that they had butchered the story completely. For those reasons, I don’t plan on my wasting my time.


I apologise to one of my close friends who I know loves this series but I just couldn’t get into it. I actually tried to read the first book and DNF’d (Did Not Finish) it after just under 100 pages. After the Twilight craze, every author and his dog was writing about vampires and I got over it pretty quickly. Bookstores created sections on their shelves purely for this genre alone. I wanted to see if the Vampire Academy hype was real but unfortunately, I didn’t catch the fever like everybody else…


I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you think of my list? Let me know down below some book series you don’t plan on ever reading and why.

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. This was such a refreshing post to read my friend! Not all books we like, not everything is suited to our taste. I have heard of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, but like you just cannot get into it. When the film came out, the film itself didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t even watch it… Sometimes you just feel attracted to something or someone, sometimes you don’t – and it can just be as simple as that. Just doesn’t speak to you. Hope you are well my friend and cannot wait to see you very very soon <3

    1. Thank you my friend! Exactly! Not all books we like or are suited to our tastes but that doesn’t make them bad. It’s nice to devote time to things we know we will actually enjoy. Looking forward to seeing you soon! <3 x

  2. There were too many vampire books after Twilight! I hate it when publishers just go out and look for books that are the same, we do like to read different things! I read the first Golden Compass book (enjoyed the film!) but haven’t continued the series, I might still but not sure yet. I love Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculair Children, I read the first book ages before the movie (it’s ok but the book is always better) the photos are creepy and I loved the story. I read book two recently, which was a page turner but I wonder if it was necessary. I enjoy the world and the characters though so I will be carrying on with it and I did enjoy both first books. I get put of by hype and when books are made into films, there’s quite a few I’ve passed on for similar reasons you’ve passed on these. It’s alwasy interesting to hear others opinions

    1. Haha I know right?! There were also a lot of dystopian books after The Hunger Games! I agree with you, the book is always better 🙂 I am so curious about the creepy photos that I may just end up reading it someday. It’s great to hear that you enjoy the Miss Peregrines series and you liked the film of the Golden Compass. Definitely interesting to hear others opinions! Thanks for stopping by!

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