My Joy List!

Hi all! 

On May 23rd, I turned 29 years old which got me thinking about my joy list – the little things in life that bring me so much happiness. They are so simple yet so rewarding. They make me smile. They can completely turn a day around. This is similar to 100 Things I Am Grateful For… but a lot more specific. Without further ado, here is my quirky, wonderful list! 

– Putting a big spoonful of crunchy peanut butter on my oats every morning 

– Drinking spiced apple and cinnamon tea when it’s cold (out of my favourite fox mug!) 

– Putting on my fluffy, warm dressing gown

– Reading a book in bed as it rains outside 

– Discovering a new vegan lunch place (see image below) 

– Giving my husband a big hug 

– Feeling our baby kick inside me (this is the best feeling in the whole world…) 

– Autumn leaves (oranges, reds, yellows!) 

Photo by the talented Mabel Kwong

– Feeling super clean after a good shower 

– Writing in my many, many journals on a daily basis 

– Watching reruns of The Gilmore Girls 

– Listening to Betty Who on a walk or a drive 

– Picking out a new book to read on my mini bookshelf 

– Wearing winter clothes (scarves, beanies, boots included) 

– Talking to my mum on the phone 

– Looking at old photos 

Photo by my awesome sister! 

– Lemon infused water 

– When my favourite YouTubers put up a new video to watch

– Posting blogs twice a week 

– Ticking things off my to-do list 

– Gazing at the stars 

– Burning candles that smell amazing 

– Wandering through bookstores and libraries 

– Cooking my yummy ‘vegan’ sausage casserole (recipe to come!) 

– Anytime I think about my daughter 

– Singing Disney songs 

IMG_9927 - Copy
Photo by the talented Mabel Kwong

– Smiles from strangers 

– Seeing people in love 

– Reading dates with my husband 

– Working on my book 

– Catching up with family and friends 

– The sun on the back of my neck 

– Flowers in bloom 

– Freshly laundered sheets 

I hope you enjoyed this list of all the things that bring me joy. Of course there are a million more but these are the ones that spring to mind first. I encourage you to write down your own. It will remind you of what truly matters in life…

Peace & Love xoxo 


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  1. Another wonderful post from you my friend! It is so nice to see you finding joy in the simple things in life. I do have to disagree with the peanut butter one though…most of the time I like my peanut butter smooth and not crunchy 😀 But definitely agree with you on feeling super clean after a shower, and I absolutely love showering after getting back from work or a day out. Also thank you for the shoutout. One of the things I am greatful for apart from most of the things you mentioned is catching up with you and taking photos for you 😀 Hope all is well my friend ❤

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words my friend! The simple things in life bring the most joy I believe. Always shout out my talented photographer friend! ❤️ can’t wait to see you soon x

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