The Big Picture…

Hi all! 

Today is a short post discussing a topic dear to my heart. A couple of weeks ago, I was upset about something very small. I felt extremely irritated and close to tears. Francis and I were ready to take Abigail for a walk in the pram and as I got ready to leave, I suddenly heard her giggle for the first time. Francis was holding her at eye level and giving her Eskimo kisses. She continued to let out the most adorable little laughs and in that moment, my heart soared with joy. As we took a stroll around the park, I reflected on what had been bothering me earlier and realised that it wasn’t important in the slightest. My daughter had laughed for the first time. I would never forget it for the rest of my life. That one milestone pushed everything else aside. That is what I call The Big Picture…

Photo taken by my husband

The Big Picture can present itself in nature, via travel, through creative expression and certainly from our family and friends. I’m sure each and every person reading this has experienced a ‘wow’ moment that left them speechless and completely present. If I asked you what that moment was, what comes to mind first? 

Let’s not forget what truly matters in life. If we can keep The Big Picture in our minds, we can seize opportunities without fear, cherish our loved ones like it’s our last day with them and feel more joy than sadness. If you don’t know what I mean by The Big Picture, quite simply (and morbidly…sorry!), it’s the fact that we are all going to die someday. That reality alone forces us to put everything into perspective. Go for your dreams, love big and most of all, remember those moments that filled your heart with so much happiness. That is all I wish to say today. I hope this post resonated and gave you food for thought. There is much to be grateful for. Our own mortality gives us the chance to create an epic existence, so don’t waste a second…

I used to think my daughter’s heartbeat was the most beautiful sound in the world but then I heard her laugh…

Thank you so much for reading! 

Peace & Love xoxo 

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  1. This was such a lovely moment to read about, Bec! Abi sounds so cute every time you talk about her, and I’m sure she’ll be laughing with you many more times 😊 To me the Bigger Picture is about finding what matters to you, and always take a chance because there’s no telling that chance will be there tomorrow. Hope you are well my friend ❤❤❤

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