What I’ve Learnt In Five Months As A First Time Parent

Hi all!

Today I am sharing with you all of my thoughts and experiences in the fifth month of first time parenting! It was at this point that I began to feel a lot better and found myself enjoying motherhood more and more. I can now really see Abi’s playful, fun side shining through. She blows raspberries which is hilarious and squeals in excitement on her playmat. She is also seriously close to crawling! If we put toys just out of reach, she lifts her bottom up in the air and pushes down on her feet to propel herself closer to them. It’s so adorable. There are so many times I find myself saying “how did you get all the way over there?!”

Abi is still sleeping well at night, sometimes waking only once or twice for a feed. Her day naps are typically around 40-50 minutes in duration but I’ve started trying something called ‘nap anticipation’ which has been working well. Basically, you come into the baby’s room 5 minutes before they hit 40 minutes (which is the end of the first sleep cycle) and as they are waking up, you shush/pat them so they enter the next sleep cycle. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I’ve been able to extend her naps to over an hour when it does.

Abi feeds super duper well. She is getting so chubby on pure breastmilk! I love her chipmunk cheeks and chunky legs with those adorable baby dimples. She’s already wearing 6-12 month clothes! I say this a lot but I’m so glad I stuck with breastfeeding. It really does get easier. For those tempted to give up like I was, just try and wait it out. See a lactation consultant and tackle any problems you are having. It will be worth it. But also don’t feel ashamed if you need to switch to formula. Do whatever works I say!

As it is now December, I had to get Abi a photo with Santa Claus. It just felt like a rite of passage. She was so good whilst he was holding her. She didn’t cry once (which is surprising as she gets very sooky around strangers). She was fascinated by his beard; giving it a few tugs as they set up for the camera. It was so nice being able to give my family and in-laws wallet-sized photos of her from that day. They all agreed the picture we chose was beautiful.

And speaking of Christmas, this week we move into our new home which is so exciting! We can put up our tree and her custom-made stocking. It’s the perfect time. I’ve heard babies can take a little while to adjust to unfamiliar places so hopefully she settles in quickly!

We are still going to swimming every Tuesday and Abi is really enjoying it. It’s also been good for me to get in the water and do something active. When she reaches six months, she’ll be able to submerge herself for a couple of seconds. Her eczema also started to clear up which was a relief.

I am so excited for what’s to come and the many more milestones she will reach! 

Thank you for reading

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. A lovely warap up about parenting and Abi again! Santa Claus is a tradition and glad to hear Abi enjoyed the moment. Happy holidays my friend and cannot wait to see you soon 😊

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