Abigail’s Nursery Tour!

Hi all!

Today I am going to be taking you on a tour of Abigail’s nursery. Now that we have moved into our new home and set everything up, I feel like it’s a good time. I hope you enjoy!

So when you enter her room on the second floor, this is what you see:

We tried to keep her room minimal and light with touches of Disney (of course). You can see her cot, rocking chair and rocker which I strap her into when no one is home and I need to shower.

Abigail’s cot is from Baby Bunting. It’s a really nice, basic white model that is adjustable for when she becomes a toddler. The adorable lamb mobile is from my sister. It plays white-noise, nursery rhymes and projects colourful lights onto the wall.

The view from her room is lovely! It looks out over the reserve. I can see her really digging it when she’s a teenager (lol digging it – what a daggy mum!).

Her rocking chair is also from Baby Bunting. It’s so comfy and nice to feed her in. I am looking forward to transforming it into a reading chair when she’s older. She has a Daisy Duck cushion from her Nonno and a personalised cushion with her name on it from my good friend.

Inside her closet is all of her quilts, blankets, towels and clothes hanging up. Not much to see there but she does have some beautiful outfits!

To the right of her rocking chair is her bookshelf which I still need to organise a bit better. She’s got plenty of books, toys, a picture frame, musical carousel, money box and special ornaments. I may do an updated children’s bookshelf tour in the future.

Above her bookshelf is this Cancerian canvas print. Abigail was born on the 8th of July making her a crab! This was gifted to her by her Nonno and Francis’s stepmother. It says: ‘Emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, protective and cautious, homely and sympathetic.’

Abigail’s changing table was a hand-me-down. We would like to eventually paint it white so it matches the rest of the room. It’s really handy. We have space for all her things plus drawers for her clothes, bibs and burp rags. We also have a nappy bin on the floor and cubby holes for spare creams, ointments and nappies.

As you can see next to her change mat, we have wipes, nappies, creams/lotions, scented nappy-bags and a towelette.

I just wanted to share this beautiful handmade A that my sister bought her from New Zealand. It’s so gorgeous I hung it on her drawers. Super special!

Above her change table, her Nonno hung three Disney canvas prints she got from her great aunt and uncle for Christmas. As you know, I adore Disney and really hope Abi loves it too.

The prints read: ‘They can’t order me to stop dreaming’ (Cinderella), ‘They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true’ (Aurora) and ‘When I promise something, I never ever break that promise.’ (Rapunzel)

I really hope you enjoyed this nursery tour! I loved decorating her room and making it into a safe, happy place for our darling girl. I cannot wait to see how it changes over time as she grows older.

Let me know what you thought down below.

Thanks for reading

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. This was such a lovely tour my friend! So glad to see the place for myself 😊 It looks minimal but cozy with many thoughtful things for Abi. Miss you my friend 😊

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