What I’ve Learnt In Seven Months As A First Time Parent

Hi all!

Today I am going to be sharing with you all of my thoughts, experiences and reflections on Abigail’s 7th month of life!


Ahh I’m loving 7 months! There’s a lot more interaction, new milestones, better sleeping habits and an all round happier baby. To start, Abi has taken to solids really well. She can now finish a whole bowl of iron-rich cereal or fruits/veggies (her favourites are apples and pears) so we have started upping her solid intake to two meals a day with breastmilk beforehand of course!

Abi sleeps through the night the majority of the time, only waking once every now and then for a quick feed. It’s so much easier now that she has learnt the ability to self-soothe. Gone are the days of patting, shushing and rocking! Her day naps have also improved significantly! She typically takes 1-2 hour long days naps twice (sometimes three times) a day. Since she’s being snoozing longer I’ve had a lot more time for myself which has been nice.

Abigail’s swimming lessons have started up again and now – because she has reached 6 months – she can be submerged underwater. The first time it happened she cried poor thing. She was a bit in shock, but still loves her weekly lessons and I enjoy partaking in this activity together.

Abigail is at the stage where she loves to stand, with assistance of course. She likes to walk around the room taking wobbly steps with my hands in hers. She also loves to balance on her head and push up like she’s doing a handstand on the floor. It’s so cute. I can tell she’ll be an early walker. It’s getting to the stage now where we seriously have to baby proof. She moves around the room so quickly, before we know it, she’s grabbing cords and bumping into things. It’s scary but fun to see her exploring.

I’m learning to just enjoy her every single day. I keep thinking about the fact that in just a few months time, she will be a toddler and never be a baby again. That thought makes me sad but also eager to watch her grow and meet new milestones. She’s recognising herself in the mirror and crawling to my feet; whinging when she wants mama. It’s cute! I feel like she’s more of a little human now than just a crying, pooping blob. She has a personality and enjoys playing. She’s such a joy and I love her more and more each day.

Thank you for reading

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. So lovely to read that Abigail is starting to walk and wanting to get around on her own now 😂 Hope baby-proofing won’t be too hard! Miss you my friend! ❤

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