What I’ve Learnt In Eight Months As A First Time Parent

Hi all!

Today I’m sharing everything I have learnt in Abigail’s eighth month of life. For some reason, 8 months seems like a huge milestone for me. It’s so hard believe how much she has grown in such a short space of time. She’s developing every single day with new sounds/actions weekly. I love seeing all of these changes! 


Abigail already has her two bottom teeth but the two top ones are coming in hard and fast. She has been waking in the night crying from the pain, drooling uncontrollably, chewing on anything and everything and sporting rosy red cheeks. I feel so sorry for babies that have to go through this. Luckily, none of us remember it! 


Abigail is now eating solid foods three times a day with breast milk in between. She loves pretty much anything we feed her (aside from banana and anything lumpy); grunting loudly when she wants more and leaning forward in her high chair, mouth open. I recently bought a wonderful little contraption called a hook-on highchair. Basically, it attaches to tables anywhere you go, so you can feed your child out and about. It’s been so handy. A really great purchase. I bought mine from Baby Bunting here


Still swimming weekly, Abi loves the water (even though she looks unimpressed in the photo above haha) and recently received a certificate for her back floating. Like a proud parent, I immediately stuck it on the fridge. I love watching her splash excitedly in the pool and kick up a storm. 

As I type this, Abi has been going through her 6th Wonder Week leap. She’s definitely been a lot clingier, crankier and fussier but on the whole, doing much better than the 5th one which was a nightmare! She still naps quite well during the day and usually only wakes once at night unless teething. On the day she turned 8 months, she was given her first dose (out of three) for Meningococcal. It’s so important to vaccinate your children because these diseases, if caught, are so life-threatening and dangerous. She only cried a little and slept 12+ hours that night! We were so surprised. 


In terms of playtime, Abi just wants to stand constantly. She is pulling herself up on any surface she can grab hold of. Putting her in the walker has been great because not only can she stand in it and move around slightly, she can play with the activity station in front of her. If she’s not in there, she’s trying to climb the stairs, pull books out of our shelves, grab cords and shimmy into tight places. We have had to do some serious baby proofing and watch her every second. It’s slightly exhausting but all part of the parenting process. 

All in all I feel like we really understand our daughter now and what she needs. Her communication signals and noises are much clearer. It’s definitely gotten so much easier and for that I’m thankful. Who knows what she’ll be doing next month! Until then, thanks for reading.

Peace & Love xoxo

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