Baby Names We Liked But Didn’t End Up Using!

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Today I am going to be sharing with you girls and boys names Francis and I liked but obviously didn’t end up using. I saw my friend Jade do this on her YouTube channel with her husband and it looked like fun. Now that Abi is 9 months old, I can reveal what other names we potentially would’ve gone with (or ones I liked and Francis didn’t and vice-versa). Let’s get into it! 


Francis picked Abigail before she was even conceived and I knew straight away that had to be our daughter’s name if we had a girl, but before that, I had been pretty set on Serena. I had loved that name ever since I started watching Sailor Moon. I also liked the idea of calling her Serenity (bit hippy I know). Unfortunately, my mum ruined the name for me haha sorry mum but its true! When I told her I liked Serena, she kept pronouncing it the Italian way (SEH-RE-NA) which put me off completely.

I also liked the name Reilly, Astrid, Grace, May and Eve (which is Abigail’s middle name). Francis liked Isabelle, which is nice but I wanted something a bit more uncommon.  

Photo courtesy of my brother in law


I’m really glad we ended up having a girl because we just couldn’t agree on a boy’s name. The two names we might’ve gone with were Marlo or Reid. I was a huge fan of August, Harvey, Ronan, Emmett and Elliott. Francis was more interested in Italian style names. He pretty much liked any of them for a boy. I’ve always preferred old English, literary type names for boys. I would’ve been happy to name our son Alfred, Edward, William, Harry, Henry etc. Francis didn’t really like those so who knows what our son would’ve ended up being called if we had been blessed with a boy! 

Now that she’s here, I really cannot imagine her being anything other than our Abigail Eve. I always find it funny when people say they want to wait to see the baby before naming their child. When babies are born, they all look like wrinkly blobs. It seems strange to look at them and go ‘ahh she’s definitely not a Britney, she’s more of a Emily.’ That’s just my opinion though. 

Let me know what you thought of the names I mentioned. Did you like any of the above? If you have children, which names did you consider calling them before landing on their actual name? I would love to know. 

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  1. That is quite a few names you thought of for Abi! I really like Abi and think it suits her very well 🙂 Cannot wait to see you soon my friend xxx

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