What I’ve Learnt In 10 Months As A First Time Parent

Hi all!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you all of the things I have learned in 10 months of parenting. I cannot believe Abigail is 10 months. I’m currently planning her first birthday which will be mermaid themed! Stay tuned for that. A lot has happened in this month so let’s get started!


My little bunny celebrated her first Easter which was adorable. We just visited our families and she received gifts – it was really nice. Even though she doesn’t know what’s going on, it’s fun watching her experience new things. Speaking of new things, when you see this post we will have had our first Mother’s Day which is so special. 

Abigail is still sleeping really well. She sleeps from about 7:30pm to between 6:30-7:00am which is nice. At 10 months she’s also having two naps a day averaging from about 1.5-2 hours sleep per nap (one at 9am and the other at 2pm). This routine has been so beneficial for all of us. We really prioritise her sleep and do our best to ensure she gets the rest she needs daily.


The football season has started up again in Melbourne and here is Abi wearing our family team’s colours – so cute!

I won’t touch on her eating as it’s the same as the post I put up two weeks ago – What My Vegan 9 Month Old Baby Eats In A Day! Rest assured, she’s very healthy and doing well. 


In terms of physical development, Abi is constantly on the move and putting everything she can find in her mouth which keeps us on our toes. We try to let her roam around the house as safely as possible and not coddle her too much, but of course we have baby proofed what needs proofing. She’s at the stage where she is understanding basic commands like ‘No’ and ‘Danger.’ She points to whatever she wants in the hopes that we will lift her up and take her there. We can definitely get more done around the house now as she has learnt to play independently for a while or will follow me around just to keep me in her sights. I honestly feel like she is going to start walking any day now. She is cruising around the furniture and trying to balance on her feet. 


Abi has started splashing her hands and kicking her feet at swimming. She adores being in the water and around other kids. I’ve noticed she is super friendly around strangers and children. She has such a kind, sweet nature already that I hope continues on into her life, especially when we begin to start socialising her. 

We only have three Wonder Week leaps left and I’m not going to lie, I cannot wait for them to be over. I feel so sorry for her during this time. She cries a lot more, is clingier and smiles less. So much is going on in her head as she develops new skills that it really unsettles her. The good thing about leaps however is how much she learns and changes during that time. If you haven’t downloaded The Wonder Weeks app yet and you are pregnant or have a baby, I highly suggest doing so. 


I’ll leave it there for now. There will be a lot more to come as Abi nears toddlerhood. Thank you so much for reading.

Peace & Love xoxo


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  1. So exciting to hear Abi is roaming as much as she pleases around the house! As you said, soon she will be walking, and then running around the house and maybe it will be hard to catch her 😀 Cannot wait to see you soon my friend! xxxx

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