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I have some exciting news to share with you all! Francis and I were recently contacted by The Veganary for an interview about our vegan travel experiences. For those of you that don’t know, The Veganary is a website run by a lovely vegan couple from Vancouver that are dedicated to providing plant-based hotspots all around the globe. Through this platform, you can connect with other digital nomads and easily access cruelty-free choices from a wide variety of countries you are interested in visiting. I highly recommend checking them out before you board your flight! Their website is so aesthetically pleasing and simple to navigate.

If you want to check out our interview, you can right here:

The People Behind Peace.Love.Veggies 


It was such an honour being able to work with this amazing company. Francis and I put so much time and effort into our vegan travel blogs with the hope of making things easier for other vegans intimidated with visiting other countries. It’s great to see a website so committed and passionate about the same cause. I can honestly say at that at this point in my life, vegan travel is not something to fear any longer. There are endless options. You just need to know where to look. A couple of years ago, I shared some of my best tips which you can also check out here – Top Tips for Vegan Explorers!

In regards to where we will be heading next? Well, at the moment we are staying put to raise our baby but hopefully in a couple of years time, we can begin exploring new places with our vegan daughter in tow. I really want to visit every Disney park in the world with her. That’s a huge goal of mine. We also want to see Hawaii (preferably staying at Aulani Resort), Peru, Japan, New Zealand, Germany and more. Basically anywhere and everywhere please. Our vegan travels are far from over! We will be back on that plane as soon as possible, bringing fresh content. Our daughter is going to be cultured and instilled with a love for travel just like her parents. 


Once again, I wish to thank The Veganary for their hard work and dedication. It was such a pleasure collaborating with them. Please check them out and give their social media platforms some love. You can find them on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here

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  1. I am not vegan but I absolutely loved the message you shared in your interview. I especially loved your response to what people can do to forward the vegan agenda. Such a lovely quote: ‘In a gentle way, you can shake the world.’

    I full agree!

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