Everything I Received For My 30th Birthday!

Hi all!

On May 23rd I turned 30, which was a massive milestone. I don’t normally do these types of posts but because it was a special birthday, I decided to share everything I received from family, friends and loved ones. It may provide you with some ideas on what to get someone you know turning 30. A huge thank you to everybody that made the day so wonderful and spoiled me. I love you all…


My awesome mother and sister gifted me and Francis a weekend away at an Airbnb in the Mornington Peninsula. This is booked in for July 20th (after Abigail turns 1) because I’ll be more comfortable leaving her overnight then with her grandmother as she won’t need to be breastfed post 12 months. I’m so excited to go away with my husband and have some quality time. This will be the first night without our baby girl. I know I’m going to miss her like crazy but this mini getaway is sorely overdue. Thank you both!

My sister also bought me a Stormy plushy! Stormy is Pusheen the cat’s sister and we always reference that she is Pusheen and I’m Stormy haha.

My mum gave me a bath tray which is such a great idea! It can hold your book, a drink and anything else you need to relax whilst in the tub. She also gave me some vegan bath products from The Body Shop to go with it!


My amazing husband surprised me with three gifts (one for each decade I have been alive). I woke up to a card with a clue inside that led to a scavenger hunt all over the house. I found a sandwich press (because I love to make toasties on the stovetop), a massage voucher for $100 and…A BIKE!!! I told Francis years ago that if we ever moved into our own home I would love to have my own bike with a basket. He bought a beautiful strawberry lemonade coloured one complete with wicker basket. We are going to attach a baby seat so Abi can ride me with. So blessed!

My Nonna gave me $100 so I went onto Depop (a secondhand goodies platform) and ordered myself an authentic Harvard sweatshirt from someone who used to go to college there. I’ve always wanted one. I can now add it to my university collection along with my Oxford jumper and Deakin hoodie. I still had some money leftover so I bought Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.


My father in law gave me $50 so I used some of it to buy myself a helmet for my bike and On The Come Up by Angie Thomas.

My uncle, aunt and cousin bought me this magnificent 3D tablet of the Terracotta Warriors in Xian. It’s one of my favourite places in the world. I love being able to look at it and remember seeing it in real life.


My aunt, uncle and two cousins bought me lots of vegan products from The Body Shop and a Time Turner necklace! I adore it!


My mother in law organised a lovely vegan high tea for me along with my sister in law. It was wonderful!


My dear friend Shannon bought me a fluffy Harry Potter dressing gown, cruelty-free marshmallow bath salts and There’s A Vegan in the House plant-based cookbook. So lucky!

I received $100 from a family friend with which I bought some new clothes yay!

Once again thank you so much to everybody who messaged me, gave me gifts and made my day so special. I’ve had a great start to my 30’s!

Peace & Love xoxo

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