How Do I Feel About Ex-Vegans? (Sunbites Product Review!)

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I’m back with another Sunbites product review from Social Soup. You can check out my first one here: Why I Support Non-Vegan Companies That Produce Vegan Products… In keeping with the theme, I want to give you my honest thoughts about the product and then have a quick discussion about a random vegan issue that has been playing on my mind.


Today I am reviewing Sunbites Snack Crackers with Quinoa and Sea Salt. Out of the whole Snack Crackers range, this is the only vegan option at the moment. To be perfectly honest, I devoured this entire box in one sitting. It was really delicious and full of flavour. I would definitely buy it again with some yummy dips like hummus or beetroot. The ingredients are minimal so it’s a much healthier snack alternative. I’m very happy with it and thankful I got the the opportunity to try it for free. That’s all I have to say! You can find this at your local Coles or Woolworths supermarkets in Australia.

Now onto the discussion portion of this blog. How do I feel about ex-vegans? I’m a big YouTube watcher and in the last year, at least five or six videos have been popping up from big name social-media stars declaring that they are no longer vegan. Some have been more shocking than others. From what I’ve read of the comments, a lot of vegans are disappointed and angry. Some have been downright verbally abusive which is never okay in my opinion. Whatever the reason for the sudden lifestyle/diet change, it is not productive or helpful to leave angry messages. It doesn’t help our cause and just makes us look militant and crazy. I understand why some of them are hurt or disappointed but at the end of the day, we need to show compassion for humans as well as animals. It’s important to recognise the efforts and influence these people had whilst they were vegan. For example, Bonny Rebecca may no longer be vegan but she still eats an 85% plant-based diet incorporating some fish and eggs due to health issues. She is still doing a lot more for the animals and the environment than the majority. The one thing I don’t respect is when the social-media celebrities still profit from their former e-books or continue to monetise past vegan videos. If you are no longer vegan, that’s fine, but do not try to make money from something you no longer believe in. I’m not going to say these people were never vegan. At one point in their life, they believed in eating ethically. They may return to the movement, they may not, but whatever the case, they have done their part and raised awareness to a big following. Of course I hope their choices don’t discourage others from becoming vegan, but I don’t demonise them.

I hope this answers that question. Feel free to agree or disagree. You can add your comments down below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I do enjoy reading your thoughts. I am not, or could ever be vegan, though I think that I have an idea why people follow their conscience. Friends will tell you that I have no conscience, which I would dispute. However, I am old enough to make my own choices, and so are you.

  2. I have also seen some YouTubers who were vegan and no longer vegan. It is so interesting to see, and each of them have their reasons for changing their lifestyles. So agree it is not productive to leave angry or hurtful messages – not only hurts the person but also giving a bad vibe to the lifestyle they chose to leave behind. I don’t have an issue with someone promoting non-vegan books or making money off it if they are no longer vegan; that lifestyle was at a certain point in their lives, and it could be a lifestyle that will suit others. I guess if someone doesn’t want to support them, they really don’t have to. Certain times of lives we might be more of this or more of that, and we’re forever changing <3

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